Sunday, July 28, 2013

DIY: From Car to Clock

At a recent American Motors car show Joshua and I went to, he picked up an old Rambler hub cap (ironically, he is now looking to buy one of these cars) to make a wall clock for our bedroom. So last night we had craft night and finally made the clock. 

Supplies: Hubcap, clock mechanism, paint brushes, red paint, and a wall hanger
All supplies purchased here Michaels Craft Store 

Josh did the drilling, he just drilled a hole in the middle and attached the clock

I painted the clock hands to match the logo on the hubcap and for fun I painted the wall hanger to make it look better on the wall than white plastic 

And here you have it! Hopefully it will be moved into his garage when we get a house, but for now its kinda of cute on our brick wall!

{via all personal photos}

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