Hi guys, I'm Angi! A twenty-something Penn State graduate who grew up in Pennsylvania. I just spent my summer living in Detroit with my WONDERFUL boyfriend Joshua, experiencing tons of new things. I love the Beatles as my blog title gives away, fashion, reading, all things crafty, and generally having a good time. Currently starting my next adventure of moving to Louisville, Kentucky. I will be starting job hunting for my first "big girl job." I can't wait to see how the southern states treat this Pennsylvania girl. Living in 3 states in one year leads to many interesting posts, stick around to find out what adventures me and the boyfriend experience next.  P.S. shout out to my best friend Jess Hicks, so she doesn't feel left out, I couldn't get through life with out her (honestly).

My life is full of lots of love...

Tons of laughs...

And many weird faces...
But we approve!

So with that being said, Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy it enough to come back again and again. I don't blog to hear myself talk, I blog to share all the crazy thoughts, ideas, crafts, and general life events that swirl around me! So grab a coffee, a beer, some wine, or whatever makes you happy and join my journey!


  1. Guuurl, I live 20 minutes away! Small world! :)


    1. Very small world! I hope to eventually host a blog meet up for people in the area once I'm settled into our new home so I can hopefully meet people, because as you can see I am very far from my home state!

  2. Hey girl! You two are so stinkin cute! I just stumbled across your blog and I am your newest follower! I cant wait to read more and follow your journey!!!!

  3. HAHAHAHA that tongue face. teach me your photoshop ways!!


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