Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday: Standards For Women

Standards for Women today are so beyond realistic is makes me sick. Two Fridays ago I shared that Aerie is doing a #AerieReal campaign only using regular women and I think that's great...

Five Unrealistic Standards for Women:

{pictures via Pinterest}






I realllyyyy hope I didn't offend anyone with this one! I really do believe that in women's rights, just wanted to have a little fun today. 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Best Friend Dresses Better Than Your Best Friend

The title of this blog post is meant to be funny so before anyone gets their Aerie undies (because those are the only undies you should be wearing) in a bunch it's a joke. 

BUT my best friend is pretty damn stylish and since I'm not the most adventurous person when it comes to my outfits I asked her to send me a snapshot of what she wears in a week. So I'm going to let her style crash my blog for the day, enjoy!

Thought I would share a few things that explain our friendship first...keep in mind we have been best friends for almost 10 years now.

AND this is why I can make a post like this at all...

{all of these photos are credited to Jess}
Most of which I took screenshots of via Snapchat 
(If you don't snapchat what are you doing with your life!)

I love how she layers and she NEVER goes with out some sort of accessory!
This picture is a perfect example of the fact that even 12 hours apart we still help pick our each others outfits!

I'm obsessed with this cardigan! 

By Cosy she meant Cody* and that is her boyfriend.
 I don't even know why we bother asking guys what to wear.

She works in retail (not being creepy taking pictures in some random store!)
Not to brag, but not only is she one of the most fashionable people I know, but she holds down a management position, being a mommy to an adorable fur baby, while getting her Masters and pulls off good grades.

I love this outfit! I can't mix colors to save my life!

But this is by far my favorite! Check out that caption!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Birchbox Review

#ChristmasEveryMonth...Every month I watch the sneak previews and then what everyone thinks of their boxes and it never fails that we have some negative Nancy's up in their not happy with their products. This girl has been happy all 3 months now. BAM! 

{all pictures are personal, because that's how I roll}

So this beauty came in the mail super early this month and I wasn't complaining. 
You can track its progress after it ships through the Birchbox app and I stalk that thing until it is on my door step.

This month Birchbox teamed up with US Weekly and it was super corny, but I love corny so we are soulmates.
Side Note: I applied at Birchbox (which is in NYC, ah!) and those crazy people never contacted me.
1. They don't know what they are missing
2. They probably found my blog and that's why I will never get a job, ha!

Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette:
I bought myself an Urban Decay palette last month and have loved it! 
When I got this sample smachbox palette I was all like, "Ain't no way this will be better," and I was right. 
It wasn't better or worse it was just different from that palette. 
The top row has all of their sparkle shadows and the bottom has their matte.
I actually did get compliments when I wore it and felt like a baller makeup artist when I put it on. 
Full Size- $49

 Eleven Skin Refresh Cleanser: 
Guys I can only wash my face once a day unless it is an OCD day in which I go crazy and wash until I'm blood red, ha BUT I received the best cleanser ever last month so unless their was magic in this white can I wasn't going to be happy with it.
Well I opened and used it and no magic so this I'm going to pass on. 
It kind of smells like butt to.
Full Size- $30 (not worth it)

Agave Healing Oil Treatment (Hair):
I actually liked this. It didn't make my hair greasy and it smells pretty decent (not like butt yet not like flowers)
I give it a thumb up. 
Full Size- $24- $40 (I don't know why they give a range unless there is multiple sizes which may be the case, but I'm to lazy to look into that for you, sorry!)

 OPI Tinted Top Coat:
If you can't tell by the picture this has a redish/pinkish tint to it.
I was a fan. I have been waiting to get top coat so I didn't have to buy one myself. 
I just wore it by itself for the first day to see how it wore and loved it.
Full Size- $9

Smachbox Full Exposure Mascara:
This is by far the best mascara I have ever owned. 
I'm going to blame it on the hugh freaking brush. 
That thing is scary heading towards your eye.
Full Size-$19.50 (I personally think this is sooo worth it!)

This is just the breakdown of each product if you watch to know a little more about any of them!

I have officially done enough reviews to receive $10 to spend in the Birchbox store, but I think I'm going to save up my points for a few more months and buy something a little bigger! If anyone wants a reference for a subscription email me! 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sh*t My Boyfriend Says #2

Hello ladies! The time I've been taken from my blog lately has been seriously refreshing. I was starting to question why I blog after seeing my friends start to offer sponsorship or pin thousands of ways to grow your traffic. I started blogging for myself and I want to make sure I keep it that way. I missed my blog in the last week so I'm happy to be back here! 

I picked the best day to come back for my favorite link up Sh*t Men Say with Amanda over at Voyage of the Mee Mee. After reading her post today I decided to use the I'm Baaaack as a tribute to her boyfriends hilarious tattoo...If your interested go check it out!

Voyage of the Mee Mee

If you didn't check out the first installment of the "Sh*t Josh Says" check it out (HERE)!

When acting like a 5 year old:
Example: when I say something like "that dinner smells delicious", Josh will say "You smell delicious" or if I say "That building is old," Josh will say,"You're old." My favorite is when I say something is "fat" and Josh says without thinking says "You're fat!" The kid is a child!

When referencing his other girlfriends:
Josh- "Can I have a drink of water"
Me- "In a minute"
Josh- "My other girlfriends get me water"
Josh- "Warm my feet up"
Me- "No"
Josh-"My other girlfriends warm my feet up"

***Let's clarify that he doesn't actually have other girlfriends! He just thinks he's funny!

When reading my last Sh*t My Boyfriend Says Post:
If you didn't read my last post your probably don't know that I accidentally wrote midget rack instead of midget rake...Josh had a field day with this saying he picture Midgets hung up on a rack....I can't make this up people!

When I was trying to explain what a Blate (blog date) was to him: 
Josh- "Do they blang? If they really like each other do they get blarried? Then they'd become blouses! When it doesn't work out do they blivorce?"
Guys we have issues at our house...ha!

I'm so glad to be back guys! Be prepared for me to majorly creep your blogs today!

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