Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If Our House Could Talk

Ever wonder what your house would say if it could talk? I'm sure the judging would be endless and embarrassing in our household.

What would mine say?

"PAINT ME! Who the hell thought electric blue for an office with flower wall paper was a good idea. Would you wear something this ugly?"

"Why do you squeeze your boyfriends butt...ALL THE TIME? Girl that's weird"-I picture our house being sassy?

"Was it necessary for Josh to nail 1000 hole in the walls to hang 6 records?"

"Just because you open a new bottle of wine doesn't mean you have to finish the entire bottle that night!"

"Watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix doesn't count as having a full time job!"

"The smashed spiders that you leave on the walls are not acceptable!"

What would your house say about you?


Monday, April 14, 2014

Haul Y'all

Welcome to another addition of Haul Y'all! I have the spending itch lately so I've been doing lots and lots of haulin'!

If you have never tried Elf cosmetics then you are seriously missing out on some seriously awesome stuff guys. I'm all about cheap and quality shiz! Elf is sold at Target, Walmart, I think Kmart, and of course on their website. I did my order on their website, because they seriously ALWAYS  have some sort of amazing promotion going on. 

1. Never pay for shipping with ELF: There is always a discount!
2. Everything is "pretty much" between $1-$5 and the higher priced items are palettes. 
3. Their product seriously stands up to high end competitors 

{Before I get into what I bought, Elf did not pay me to talk about them}

This beautiful bundle arrived at my house a few weeks ago now.
I wanted a chance to try everything before giving my opinion.

I have REALLY been trying to find a good 
liquid liner to do my top eyeliner with.
I prefer the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen for $2.

{face wipes} 
When I bought these I should have read 
all the details. 
These are the size of your eye.
Hence them saying "Eye makeup remover pads"

I am obsessed with lipstick, chapstick, lip stains, lip crayons, 
ANYTHING lip related.
So I went a little crazy here.
From left to right:
I honestly highly recommend all of these.
I would repurchase all, but the lip glosses.

I did swatches, but didn't write down the order...
so yeah, opps!
The lighter shade is the balm. 

Everything I bought in the face department
was purely recommendations from
YouTube channels or Beauty Bloggers.
From left to right:
I know these are hard to see what they are.
1.Face Mist to set your makeup: Would repurchase
2.Lip Exfoliator: Would not repurchase
3.Concealer and Highlighter: Would repurchase 
4.Eye Refresh: Would repurchase
5.Eye Primer: would repurchase
6.All over stick: Would not repurchase
If you have any specific questions about these let me know.
I don't want to ramble on forever!

I did NOT need these, but I love eyeshadows.
The 32 piece set comes in three different styles.
I bought the Everyday palette.
The Brightening eye color smaller palettes come
in a variety of options.
I bought Pretty n' Pink and Luxe.
$1,$1,$10 (these are always on sale for $6)
I would repurchase all of these. 
The smaller palettes are good for traveling.
Don't expect them to hold up to Urban Decay
standards for $1, but these are pretty awesome 
for so cheap. The larger palette is amazing!

I have never in my life cleaned brushes.
I have just always thrown them away after awhile.
Apparently this is gross? Who knew.
So I bought this bad boy to catch up with the times.
It hasn't destroyed any of my brushes, so 
I would consider it a success. 

Last thing! I bought this trio of nail polish. 
It came in 3 different color options.
This is the Vacation Trio.
Guys I can't even explain how obsessed I am.
If I didn't already own over 100 nails polishes 
I would buy all of the colors!
The quality was amazing and it breaks down to $1 per nail polish.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my haul. 
If you want to see more of these let me know!

*****I am going to try so hard to catch up 
on everyones blogs tonight after work!
I know I've been a bad blogging friend!
I hope everyone had a great weekend 
and I can't wait to hear all about them!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday: What is New

Um Hi Friday? Nice of me to finally join the blogging world this week huh? This week two weeks has just seriously flown by me. This girl turned 23 last Sunday, sigh. I actually bought something for the aging of my face this week...that is how old I feel. I know I am completely over exaggerating, but oh well Taylor Swift didn't write a song about 23 for a reason... 

Five on Friday:
What is new 

I had special guests two weekends ago (I think I shared this?)
Josh's parents were in town.
I can't even explain how nice it was to see people from home.
We ate, drank, toured Maker's Mark, and even did a little shoe shopping.

Since it was my Birthday Week...
 I took
bubble baths,
drug Josh around the mall,
received some rocking gifts!
If anyone is interested in the things I 
received let me know. I'm not one to brag, BUT

This beauty might be mine now!
I haven't really shared much about my job situation
since it isn't exciting, but
I did just score a position that 
is a step closer in the right direction...
so I am trying to be positive about it.

I got a TATTOO!!!! 
Blahhhh I don't even know what else 
to say about this besides I am insanely excited
for this little addition to the bod!

I know what you are thinking! 
Who did your nail polish?
I'm blaming Josh!
I fully plan on doing an entire post about this bad boy! 
So just look out for much more on the
Why I got it? When? Who got it for me?
and the meaning of it!

Josh and I took a VERY impromptu trip to
Nashville this Wednesday.
I decided I need to live there now.

I was seriously so dang excited I couldn't
get a non-blurry picture...opps!

Well that's all folks! I have a full line up of posts for next week,
so it looks like I might be joining this blogging world for a little...again!

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