Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday: Real Campaign

Today I want to share with you something that I think is INCREDIBLE! Aerie is a retail store that is owned by American Eagle Outfitters. It is basically the bra and undie store for AEO. I have grown to LOVE this company and think it is basically da bomb! Recently they introduced a new campaign called Real. This campaign in my opinion is so empowering that I just couldn't help sharing all the details!

This Five on Friday I wanted to share Five things you need to know about this campaign.

{all photos via Aerie}


No Retouching

That's right they are no longer retouching their models. 

They have tattoos, stretch marks, and even cold chills. 

The sad thing is that Aerie is actually the first company to do this. It's 2014 people why are we just getting around to doing something like this.

No Supermodels
The women in their pictures are real women. Now let's be honest they are all still absolutely beautiful in every way, but isn't that the point to prove that the real you is sexy. You don't have to be supermodel pretty to feel pretty!

They are advertising healthy!
My problem sometimes with advertisement's that do similar things that Aerie is trying to accomplish is that they often portray unhealthy people. Aerie is promoting that women every where are pretty, but the depiction's in the pictures are still of healthier women.  The D sized model is beautiful, curvy, and healthy looking! 

All Sizes!
As I just touched on they are promoting all sized women. They currently have 5 new models ranging from an A-DD! 

Anyone can shop here
Aerie isn't for a specific age group. Aerie is for women of all shapes, sizes, and age. 
My mom, grandmother, and myself love Aerie! 
I think this message is important for not only young women growing up in a society that is so critical of how someone looks, but to all women. No matter what age you are you are conscious and it's not necessary. 

*All of the opinions in this post are my own. I was not contacted by Aerie**
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Women Crush Wednesday

This babe happens to be my Women Crush Wednesday...

I should probably say I'm kidding before I have to sleep on the couch tonight! My real WCW is...

I probably don't even have to explain my obsession with this one!

Who is your WCW?


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Birchbox Review

{picture via Pinterest}

Most of you know that last week sucked some serious butt for me. One thing that did make me happy however was my Bitchbox Birchbox! I have a very serious shopping problem and I swear it helps with on wanting to buy things all the time. Any way here we go...

The boxes from what I gather so far are themed each month. This month was all about Resolutions and the New Year.

This month's card talked about not giving things up in the New Year, but trying new things instead. It also talked about their new Sundays and Play you can do to win prizes. I will talk about that more later on!

The back of that card has details about the products inside so I always save that to very last when tearing through my Birchbox like a mad women. This sticker was on the pink tissue paper this month once again promoting their new Sundays and Play game!

Then BAM ladies and gents we are in! 
This is just an overview of the exciting things I saw at first. 

I have no clue why these little boxes catch my eye first every single time, but they do and I always start here (listen to me acting like a pro and this is only my second Birchbox!)

My first item out of my mint green pouch thingy?
Is this Juicy Couture fragrance. 
If you read my first Birchbox review you know I love fragrance samples. I use them for everything. This one was a bit strong for my taste, but I'm not complaining.
Full Size bottle- $90.
I did wan't to point out that the back of that card gives price points for full size items of your samples and when I checked on the Birchbox website those prices did not match, so I'm using the prices on the website!

The second thing out of the mint pocket? I'm going to figure out what to call that thing at some point. 
Were these three types of tea by Ahmad Tea (London...fancy!). I'm going to be super honest with you guys and admit I haven't tried them. I would have to use my Keurig to make them and that just sounds like to much work. 
If I get around to trying this out I will let you know.
Full Size box- $7

I am actually super excited about this next item. I have heard a LOT of bloggers complaining about getting a mascara every month as well. Although you can only use one at a time so I see why they might be upset I was not upset about getting this one.
It's called Fruit Pigmented Mascara and smells AMAZING!!! It lasts all day, goes on smooth as opposed to clumping like other annoying mascaras that I won't name (you know who you are!)
Full Size- $18. I would consider buying this for sure!
I assume that the sample is the full sized bottle...I could be wrong though!

Womp.Womp.Womp is all I have to say here.
I won't even spend much time on this one. 
It's called Klorane smells like butt (supposed to smell like dates) and made my hair frizzy.
Full Size- $15. 
Don't buy this!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. 
Heaven on your face.
I mean that! It literally made me feel so refreshed and clean. I used it at night and in the morning so far (because I wasn't sure when you were supposed to do it!) Honestly it was amazing both times.
Full Size-$24.50! I think this is the best deal ever. I thought it would be expensive for how amazing it was!

That is it for products, but this Birchbox was packed with so many other things. 
At the bottom of the box was this foldout information packet!

The first side just had inspirational sayings like Happy Happy Happy (I guess you could call that inspirational?) and Go Get 'Em Tigress!
The back side (ha, ha, back side!) Had a few different resolution based ideas.
1. Confidence is as confidence does 
2. 5 Ways to get happier
3. New Things are good things
4. The Agreement Rule
All of which were pretty awesome and much appreciated!

The very last thing in my box was a little square that explained how to receive points. I might in the future share a little bit more about the awesome points system they have in place, but today I'm exhausted from all of this blabbing!

I promised I would explain the Sundays and Play later in the basically every Sunday I receive and email that links me to this virtual scratch off when I have a chance to win some fun prizes. Each week I participate I am also entered to win a larger prize. So far I haven't won a single thing on Sundays (go figure!)

Rating Scale:
* = It blew
**= It wasn't the worst thing I've ever experienced
***= I liked it more than I hated it
****=It was pretty close to being the bomb dot com
*****= It was like heaven in a box

January Birchbox= ****! Pretty close to being the bomb dot com

Interested in your own Birchbox? Email me with any questions and I will set you up!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Pick a Project #3 & #4

I'm Baaaaack! Well hello ladies! I feel so beyond refreshed and motivated! Bubble baths are the key to EVERYTHING! I even got Josh to take one.

Since I missed sharing my Pick a Project last week I'm going to share last weeks first than this weeks. Even though I was pretty much a lump all of last week I did manage to get this done. If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, catch up here.

Pick a Project #3:

If you remember wayyy back (2 Mondays ago) I said I was making a care package. 

It included 
-A barbie for my Niece
-A Hot Wheels Car Design Kit for my cool Nephew 
-An adorable cat that rolls around for my newest little munchkin 
-And a Birthday Card for my brother. His birthday is today!

Pick a Project #4:

Last week I made it a goal of mine to spice up my house a little. If you remember I went all out for Christmas and since I took the decorations down I have been suffering from postpartum disorder of my decorations. I didn't want to spend much money on making my house look a little more decorated.

 I threw this centerpiece together for $5!

I pick up this kitchen rug for Tuesday Morning for only $10!

My Pick a Project I am working on this week and will be sharing next Monday is some dancer mail for a friend that I have dancing in a 46 hour no sitting no sleeping dance marathon. I participated 3 years ago and know how much the mail means! 

Have you done any projects lately?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bubble Baths and Not Giving a Crap

Ever have that week at work where EVERYTHING goes wrong...yeah that is my life this week. 

I am calling this week a blogging hiatus and I will return to Can't Buy Me Love on Monday with a week FULL of great things...

Monday: Pick a Project #3 & #4
Tuesday: Birchbox lowdown
Wednesday: WCW
Thursday: My Best Friend Dresses Better Than Your Best Friend (title may change!)
Friday: Five on Friday

Please don't give up on me guys, ha! I swear I haven't blogged since Friday and people are starting to unfollow me on GFC...what is this Facebook! 

Until Monday I am taking the week to have as many bubble baths as my sensitive skin can handle, read Nicholas Sparks books until I cry, and pretend like the world doesn't exist outside of my bed (except when I'm forced to go to work)! And maybe some of this...


Friday, January 17, 2014

Five On Friday: Brad Paisley

I'm afraid I'm doing TO many link ups, but I just can't resist! If you are hating my linkup craze let a girl know! Until then though I'm linking up with these lovely ladies...

Did you ever have such a good weekend that you forgot about it?...Yeah probably not. I don't know what my issue was this week, but I basically had a kick ass weekend and didn't share a word of it. Last Friday I met some co-workers for some late night bowling, Saturday we went to dinner with another co-worker then the 4 of us went to the Brad Paisley concert, and Sunday Josh and I got grocery shopping and relaxing done for the week!

I figured for my Five on Friday I would share how amazing the Brad Paisley Concert was...


I got to spend the night with this wonderful dude (and I'm not talking about Brad Paisley)!
Guys he even wore a camo hat and his old boots!
He was looking so cute!


For a second I thought Carrie Underwood showed up.
Stupid technology today! That just made me sound old. 


We had pretty sweet seats!


Besides the amazing Brad Paisley we also saw the amazing Chris Young.
Both of them were incredible!


This was more than a concert it was an entire show. Brad was so funny though whole time, so energized (and I've seen MANY concerts, he was insane!), and just awesome to his fans. Not only did he give his guitar to a kid in the audience, have two stages so he could be close to his fans in the back too, but he also pulled a kid that was having his birthday at the concert on stage to play with him.

Been to any great concerts lately?


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pinterest Gone Wrong

I normally stay clear of things on Pinterest that I don't think I will be able to handle. one) because I'm lazy (I say that a lot I think?) two) because I'm poor and I don't want to waste money!

Not everyone has the same views I do on this though and have a good sense of humor about it enjoy these Pinterest fails. 
{all pictures via Pinterest Gone Wrong}

Nom, Nom, Nailed It!

Just NO! I'm not even sure what the original looked like, but just stop!

Make my day and share your Pinterest "nailed it" moments!

***Guess what arrived today? My Bitchbox, er Birchbox! Can't wait to share it sometime next week! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Professional Car Singer

If you can't tell I'm a HUGE fan of linkups. I love meeting new people, I love spreading the blogging love, and ESPECIALLY love the little buttons (I don't know why, I just do!) So I'm linking up twice today...

First linking up with Dateless in Dallas and Vodka and Soda
These ladies are awesome!!! Please check them out!

The Hump Day Blog Hop
Check these ladies out. Liz is amazing and pretty much is one of the most motivating people I follow! I feel like I'm procrastinating telling my embarrassing story, but here we go...

If you no me IRL you no I'm not a professional singer, but that doesn't stop me from rocking out in the shower, through a store, at work, and ESPECIALLY in the car. 

Cut to the end of last week...I have no shame about rocking out in the car (and by rocking out I mean I play the air drums, guitar, and sing as loud as I can), but that is when the car is in motion and I'm passing quick enough that someone gets one good laugh and probably tells a friend later about this crazy car lady they saw (not enough shame to make me stop).

My professional car singing career might have to take a "backseat" for a little though, because at the end of last week I hoped in my car and this song was already blast...

{Don't act like this isn't one of your guilty pleasures}

Before I even put my car into drive my performance had already started and I was rocking out. THEN I see my neighbor laughing and waving. Guys this is the first time in my entire life that I was ashamed of my car concert. I drove in silence the rest of the way to work with my head hanging!

Who is a car jammer? Who has been caught by a neighbor?


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sh*t Men Say

Today I'm linking up with the amazing blogger Amanda@ Voyage of the Mee Mee. PLEASE go check this lady out! She posted awhile back about all the Sh*t Her Boyfriend Says. The entire time I was reading it I thought my boyfriend says some pretty funny sh*t too so thank god for this link up...

Voyage of the Mee Mee

I know this is all men, but guys my boyfriend says the best of the best. I have known my boyfriend for 7 years now and if I didn't already love him some of the weird terrible goofy just down right bizarre things that come out of his mouth would make me double take.  I've known him long enough to think it's just normal. 

Last month I did a Five on Friday about his weird faces for starters.

When referring to my monthly Birch Box subscription:
Josh-Your BITCH box is here 
Josh- How you likin' your biddy box?

Much to often Josh quotes this sign he saw in Detroit:
Josh- "We keeps it 300%" (Josh finds a use for this in almost any occasion and he always thinks it's funny)

When going to bed mad at me:
Josh- "Siri set alarm reminding me I'm mad at Angi for 8 AM"

When looking at himself in the mirror every.single.morning:
Josh- "Damn I look fiiiiiine"  (What can I say the kid has confidence. I would like to think he's joking, but I'm never sure as he licks his lips at himself.)

When wanting the back scratcher my mom got him for Christmas:
Josh- "Can you grab me the midget rack?"

Hope you liked how weird my boyfriend is...I know I sure do!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Pick a Project #2

If you missed last Monday I decided to pick a project every Monday that I would finish throughout the week and share how it went the next Monday. Catch up HERE!

Last week I told you my plan to finish the "Open When..." Letters to one of my closest friends from college (Morgan) I also like to call her Dog (Which I will get to later on). Morgan doesn't read my blog so I'm good to share all the details before she receives them! 

{all pictures via personal photos}
Step 1:
I went to good old Michaels to grab the supplies.
~Cute Pens

Step 2:
 I took an envelop and cut it apart. After getting the envelops home I realized how plan they were so I wanted to do a liner with the paper I bought.

Step 3:
I took my stencil from the above picture and traced it on to each of the pieces of paper, took my glue and glued them inside the envelops. I think they turned out pretty good.

Step 4:
This the brand I normally grab for any type of thank you card or just little notes. They are super cute and affordable. 

Step 5:
I also picked up some tags by the same company as my cards. These I just glued in different positions on the front of each envelop. I took a black pen (I'm sure blue would also work!) and made dashed lines... (If you can't tell I'm the worst at explaining things) Thank god for pictures right!

 Step 6:
I wrote "OPEN NOW" on the first one I wanted her to open. This card basically explained what a great friend I thought she is, how I miss her, and what to do with the rest of the letters. 

Step 6:
On the following 9 cards I wrote...
~ You're about to see me
~You can't sleep
~You're with Jen
~You're going on a hot date
~You need a drink (in a good or bad way
~It's your Birthday
~You had a bad day at work
~You're feeling insecure
~It's Fall and Penn State students are going back to school 

Step 6:
Then I just basically started writing on the cards and filling them with sweet stuff. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this for 2 reasons...1. The supplies alone were expensive and 2. I thought it would mean more if I didn't just fill it with things I bought.

~ You're about to see me: I pretty much wrote 1000 AHHHH's and made a pretty detailed list of all of the things we are going to do when we see each other. (including hugging for 10 minutes, drinking A LOT, and going shopping)

~You can't sleep: I attempted to draw 5 sheep to count. They are pretty comical though. I also wrote her a little story about a night we spent after drinking when we couldn't sleep.

~You're with Jen: Jen is Morgan's best friend, that I got close to also. I wrote 5 reasons that they are amazing friends. I meant every single one of them too.

~You're going on a hot date: I added a sample fragrance for her to wear and I pretty much gave her a pep talk on how awesome she is!

~You need a drink (in a good or bad way): I added $4 and told her to go drink her day away, first round on me. 

~It's your Birthday: I can't remember what all this one said anymore and I sealed them. Bad blogger alert. I do remember adding a web address to a youtube clip of the minions singing her happy birthday.

~You had a bad day at work: I looked up the unemployment rate (which is 6.7%) and told her to be lucky she had a job. Tough love. I also told her to look up our favorite website ( It is so funny and is sure to make anyone laugh.

~You're feeling insecure: I added 2 pennies and told her I don't care what she thinks that I'm giving her my two cents and told her how amazing she is. In better detail, but I'm sure you don't want to hear how great a person you don't know is. 

~It's Fall and Penn State students are going back to school: This was my favorite! It is the most depressing thing watching everyone go back to school and you aren't. I wrote 10 reasons why we shouldn't be jealous of them ranging from They have homework and we get to work from home sometimes, they have to skip going out to study, they have grades and we get promotions, and they pay to be their and we get paid to be somewhere. 

Step 7:
I tied them all together with some ribbon! I haven't decided if I'm going to add anything to the box I mail them out in. I guess we shall see how motivated I am that day!
SIGH. That was way more work then it looks.

Ready for my Pick a Project for this week? I'm making a care package for my 2 Nieces and Nephew. I literally have NO clue what is going in this bad boy as of now, but I guess you will have to stop by next Monday to see what I decided on!

Like my little Pick a Project icon?
Guys I get excited about the littlest things!

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