Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Week Day 6: Packaging

Christmas Week is almost over! For those of you who hate Christmas (woohoo), for those of you who don't there will be more Christmas talk I promise. If you remember Christmas Day 1- I talked all about gifts. Today I wanted to leave you with a way to package those gifts you so thoughtfully picked out (or just grabbed the first thing you saw like my boyfriend)!

Enjoy so Frosty while you read!

I thought this was the most adorable way to package kids PJ's. My mom has ALWAYS given us PJ's on the end of our beds for us to wear Christmas day, but I think this is a great idea to give right before bed so they can have some hot chocolate, maybe watch a movie, get in their new PJ's, and unwind!

This is not so much package as it is spicing up a gift. I love sticking gum in stockings and this is an easy way to make it a little Christmas-y!

I LOVE this idea! I found it on Pinterest (of course). Basically they took office supplies and used them to decorate their packages. I found this brown wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree of all places! I highly doubt I will go to the trouble of doing this for every gift I give, but I might take a stab at it for one or two.
{picture via Pinterest}

This is very similar to what they did above, but this time they used a pencil and ink. I do this all the time on my nails so how hard could it really be. My only concern is that you would have to let them completely try before putting them close to anything else and I'm just not a careful person, ha!
{picture via All For Women}

This one is WAY better than gift tags. Although I think corny gift tags are super cute, I think this is so much more special. 
{picture via Our Suburban Farm}

How are you wrapping your presents, old school?


  1. Replies
    1. I thought so! Super easy too. Josh probably wouldn't even notice if I put it on his gum though!

  2. cool ideas! love the packaging

    xx lotte

  3. I love the wrapping paper, its so cool!

  4. I love this blog!!! wrapping is always so boring and this def. gave great ideas to freshen it up!!! I also wanted to comment on the pj tradition - they were at the foot of the bed in the morning from SANTA not from mom, LOL - but changing the tradition to give on Christmas eve is not a bad idea just changes it to be from mom not santa :)

    1. My apologies it was from Santa not you! But thanks momma, I think it's a decent blog myself!

  5. Aw I love the photos instead of gift tags idea! So sweet! x

    1. I think it is a lot more meaningful and that is what Christmas is about right?


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