Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Week Day 7: Parties

As Snooki would say, Waaahhhh! Maybe she wouldn't be sad that Christmas week is over, but I sure am! I wanted to leave you on the last day with on of my favorite things, Christmas parties. 

Joshua and I have only lived in Kentucky for a little over a month now (time seriously flies though!), but we aren't quite ready to throw a banger. Next best thing throw one on my blog. 
Mmmm Michael Buble! Enjoy!

These little stockings can be picked up a the Dollar Tree (for a $1, ha!) They make the cutest table setting!
{picture via Pinterest}

Not sure where you can purchase these, but they do look a little more formal. 
{picture via Good night, Posterous}

How adorable is the most crafty table seating I have ever seen! It's hard to see from this picture, but it is 3 candy canes together. Then just tied with a cute ribbon and their name printed on a piece of paper. 
{picture via Sew Many Ways}

This is SO simple. They just used a bunt pan (or giant donut pan as Josh just called it)! They put mint leaves and berries in the water and froze it. BAM you have pretty ice for your punch. 
{picture via Cook Christmas}

Finally you have to give a cute are these? Hershey Bars, google-y eyes, and some construction paper, and this is created. 
{picture via Craft Fair Goodies}

Tell me all about your Christmas parties and what you had planned!


  1. Hello.
    Sorry, I'm french so my english is far to be perfect, but I'll try to explain that I think about your post (I hope that you will understand my sentences...). I just love the ideas! The christmas socks for the table are wonderful, it's a very good idea. This year, I will go to my sister's home for christmas, so the decoration will not be mine... I'm sad, haha, because I love search ideas for Christmas, it's a beautiful time, period.
    Kisses from France :)


    1. Thank you so much for commenting, I understood you perfectly! It's sometimes nice to not be the one who has to decorate! Enjoy your sister's party!

  2. I love all of your party ideas and Michael Buble's Christmas CD is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. He is amazing! And thanks girl I can only dream since I can't throw my own party!

  3. My Mom did something similar last year with mini stockings and silverware... so cute!

  4. Omg so adorable and how creative! You go girl!!!


  5. I love the stocking for the silverware! How cute!!!!

    1. I would have never thought to do that myself, thank god for Pinterest right?


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