Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Week Day 1: Christmas Gifts

I am about to admit a secret that is probably no surprise to anyone...I am obsessed with Christmas. I get a little carried away for every holiday or things I really love (See Halloween Week Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Detroit Week Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), but Christmas is worse. 

So I have decide to dedicate not 5, but all 7 days this week to Christmas. I will be honest with you just because I am dedicating this entire week to Christmas does not mean this entire month isn't going to have hints of Christmas throughout it. If Christmas is not your thing you should just steer clear of my blog for the next month. 

Okay so now that I have that disclosure I am ready to get this Christmas party started. 
I thought it would be fun to pick my favorite Christmas songs and put them on each post this week so-please feel free to play this Christmas music while you read my blog!

I know Christmas gifts are an odd place to start, because I truly don't think that is what Christmas is all about. I love everything about this Holiday not just the opportunity to score those gifts I didn't want to buy myself. Giving Christmas gifts is probably one of my favorite things to do. I am not going to share any gifts I am giving this year in case one of the lucky gift receivers is reading, but I will share great gift ideas to help those struggling shoppers.

1. BIRCHBOX- I think this is a wonderful gift for any lady in your life!

2. Scarves-You can NOT go wrong with a fuzzy winter scarf
Old Navy has these for $20, but watch out for sales! I got mine for $10!

3. Wine Everything- Women love wine! I may have stereotyped there, but I think it's true. 
Snappy Boutique has these great monogramed wine holders for $24!

4. Get Creative- Buy a mason jar or a cute tumbler and fill it with all things she likes. Gift Cards, nail polish, lip balm, or little things you know she likes. 
You can find this an ideas just like this on Pinterest.

1. Custom Cigar Box- I found this on Etsy one day and loved the idea. I don't really have men in my life that LOVE cigars or this would be on my list. 
You can find the box below for only $40 at The Smilin Bride on Etsy.

2. Cufflinks- This one is easy. Go to Etsy search cufflinks and the endless variety of cufflinks appear.
Click each picture if you like them to take you to the Etsy dealers!

If they're a HIMYM fan!

If they're a Breaking Bad fan!

3. Clothing- You can not go wrong here. You should know your significant other well enough to know their sense of style (unless you've not been dating long in which case steer clear of this).
Just watch for sales at his favorite stores and score similar items that you know he loves. 
Example he wears lots of express sweaters, wait until Express is having major sales on men's sweaters and buy him a couple! He will think it is so thoughtful that you remembered he liked them.

4. Customized Alcohol "things"(for lack of a better word)- I have gifted the following for not only Holidays, but for 21st birthdays and many other occasions. 
All items from Things Remembered:

The very last thing I want to leave you with this season on gifting is how to spice up a gift card...

{picture via Christmas Globe}

{picture via Gift Card Maze}

{picture via Happy Home Fairy }

Got any great gift ideas Him or Her? What about ways you have given gift cards? 
Cant wait to hear from you guys!


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they! I might have to give them as a gift myself!

  2. totally obsessed with Christmas too!!! Its a good secret to have... and these are great gift ideas
    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance!

  3. Great ideas....a scarf for me and legendary cuff links for him! ;)

    1. Easy perfect gifts right! You can seriously never go wrong with a scarf!

  4. Love the idea of gifting a birchbox! And the filled tumbler and gift card boxes are so creative!

    1. I love the tumbler ideas so cute and creative!

  5. I love the idea of filling up a Starbucks tumbler... I think it's so cute!

    1. I surprisingly don't own one myself so I might have to buy myself it for Christmas!

  6. hmmmmmm, lol - great ideas and I LOVE those wine holders!


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