Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Best Friend Dresses Better Than Your Best Friend

The title of this blog post is meant to be funny so before anyone gets their Aerie undies (because those are the only undies you should be wearing) in a bunch it's a joke. 

BUT my best friend is pretty damn stylish and since I'm not the most adventurous person when it comes to my outfits I asked her to send me a snapshot of what she wears in a week. So I'm going to let her style crash my blog for the day, enjoy!

Thought I would share a few things that explain our friendship first...keep in mind we have been best friends for almost 10 years now.

AND this is why I can make a post like this at all...

{all of these photos are credited to Jess}
Most of which I took screenshots of via Snapchat 
(If you don't snapchat what are you doing with your life!)

I love how she layers and she NEVER goes with out some sort of accessory!
This picture is a perfect example of the fact that even 12 hours apart we still help pick our each others outfits!

I'm obsessed with this cardigan! 

By Cosy she meant Cody* and that is her boyfriend.
 I don't even know why we bother asking guys what to wear.

She works in retail (not being creepy taking pictures in some random store!)
Not to brag, but not only is she one of the most fashionable people I know, but she holds down a management position, being a mommy to an adorable fur baby, while getting her Masters and pulls off good grades.

I love this outfit! I can't mix colors to save my life!

But this is by far my favorite! Check out that caption!


  1. Haha! I do like her style! I also really want that facial ice pack.

  2. Holy shit it's like you're in my head! I have close to no sense of fashion but my best friend has a degree in fashion so I'm constantly going to her asking for help. I was considering asking her to send me a picture of her outfit everyday for a week as inspiration... which is exactly what you did! I think I'm going to ask her now. Might as well because lord knows I need help! PS I think it's awesome she's a mom, works, and is getting her masters. Very boss of her.

  3. Haha, I love how much you love your best friend! That's so sweet!

  4. Nice outfits. I have no idea what I'm doing when I pair things together.

  5. hahah that is awesome!!!! she does a good job!!! i on the other hand, live in yoga pants!

  6. These kinds of friends are the best :) She looks so cute!

  7. what a fun quote and i love all your outer dear :D



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