Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sh*t My Boyfriend Says #2

Hello ladies! The time I've been taken from my blog lately has been seriously refreshing. I was starting to question why I blog after seeing my friends start to offer sponsorship or pin thousands of ways to grow your traffic. I started blogging for myself and I want to make sure I keep it that way. I missed my blog in the last week so I'm happy to be back here! 

I picked the best day to come back for my favorite link up Sh*t Men Say with Amanda over at Voyage of the Mee Mee. After reading her post today I decided to use the I'm Baaaack as a tribute to her boyfriends hilarious tattoo...If your interested go check it out!

Voyage of the Mee Mee

If you didn't check out the first installment of the "Sh*t Josh Says" check it out (HERE)!

When acting like a 5 year old:
Example: when I say something like "that dinner smells delicious", Josh will say "You smell delicious" or if I say "That building is old," Josh will say,"You're old." My favorite is when I say something is "fat" and Josh says without thinking says "You're fat!" The kid is a child!

When referencing his other girlfriends:
Josh- "Can I have a drink of water"
Me- "In a minute"
Josh- "My other girlfriends get me water"
Josh- "Warm my feet up"
Me- "No"
Josh-"My other girlfriends warm my feet up"

***Let's clarify that he doesn't actually have other girlfriends! He just thinks he's funny!

When reading my last Sh*t My Boyfriend Says Post:
If you didn't read my last post your probably don't know that I accidentally wrote midget rack instead of midget rake...Josh had a field day with this saying he picture Midgets hung up on a rack....I can't make this up people!

When I was trying to explain what a Blate (blog date) was to him: 
Josh- "Do they blang? If they really like each other do they get blarried? Then they'd become blouses! When it doesn't work out do they blivorce?"
Guys we have issues at our house...ha!

I'm so glad to be back guys! Be prepared for me to majorly creep your blogs today!



  1. Haha the acting like a five year old is like us! We BOTH do that! "That's dumb." "You're dumb!" Lol, I don't know why but I think it's funny.

  2. hahhah! i say that all the time to my husband if he doesn't do anything for me. i say: my other boyfriend does that. or if he's being lippy, i say, please go to the store and get me another husband.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Oh gosh. I am going to admit that both my husband and I do the whole "You're _____" thing on the daily after the other says something!!!

    My husband does the my other girlfriend thing sometimes too haha.

    This link up always cracks me up!! I love seeing other couples that are silly. It makes me happy!

  4. Love this post! Sounds like my boyfriend completely. He's such a punk! :)

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  5. guys can be so silly. love this.



  6. Hahahah these are funny!!! I totally do #1 on a daily basis!

  7. Haha YES "my other boyfriend does that." Or if he asks me "who are you texting?" "oh, just my Thursday boyfriend." He does it too though, it's funny going back and forth.

  8. HAHA do they blang!?!? that's epic! And I hear a lot of "well my other girlfriend does that" in my house and I normally follow it up with something extremely gross like, well my other boyfriend gave me the herps and now you have them.. TAKE THAT! :)

  9. Bahahahah... I love all the "bl" words when he was trying to figure out blating. Oh, Joshua!

  10. Haha, my husband says something like, "My other girls will do it..." Silly men.

  11. Oh my gosh I also say "my boyfriend does ____ for me" My husband always responds with, "Well, is your boyfriend rich because he can help out with some of these bills." haha!

  12. Oh my goodness. Love that you guys are so silly together. You only live once might as well enjoy it.

  13. You and Josh sound bliharious together! :) I'll admit, my first time reading through this post I thought Joshua was a 5 year old, and I was like, "Whoa! How would a 5 year old know to say "blang"?!?! Relieved that Joshua is in fact, not a 5 year old! Haha!
    Eva Marie

  14. OH MY GOD! Are Josh and L the same person!? (I'm not one of Josh's other gf's I SWEAR! ha)
    Seriously every other comment I make is followed up by "You are!" or because he says it so often it's actually gotten shortened to "YR" (YR also doubles as Yeah Right, either way, he's being bratty.)
    Me: It's freezing in here!
    L: YR!
    (no shit.)
    Me: You are so weird.
    L: YR!
    Me: You're wearing jeans on a hike!? You're going to die!
    L: YR!
    you get the point ha

  15. Welcome back!!! So glad your break was refreshing :)

  16. Yeah... We both do the acting like 5 year olds thing! We are just soooo mature sometimes. This made me laugh!

  17. hahahha the other girlfriends thing made me LOL I should start using that when Aaron doesn't do something for me...my other boyfriend would do whatever I say!


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