Monday, March 24, 2014

Embarrassing Things You Didn't Know About Me

Things are about to get real...I read embarrassing confessions from fellow bloggers every week and think I could never be that honest.

{picture via Rotten Ecards}


I wear men's deodorant. 
I know for a fact I can't be alone on this one.
Just read the description, it says it all!
{picture via Old Spice}

I love the TV show Awkward on MTV.
That's right! I am 23 and love watching a show 
about Sophomores in high school.
If you watch the show this is where I would say
"Sorry not Sorry!"
Can you blame me? Look at this guy!
{picture via Pinterest}

I was once part of an "Air Skateboard Team."
Granted I was in the 8th Grade and it might have been a joke.
BUT still pretty embarrassing...basically we jumped at weird angles,
like we were on a skateboard and took pictures and videos.
Might have also worn 80's band T-shirts while doing it.

I have an alert ego...
Dear lord I can't believe I'm sharing this crap!
His name is Louis and is probably roughly 80 years old.
My best friend since 7th grade is his dear friend Phyllis. 
Who is also roughly 80 and each have a bad case of lock jaw.
I would like to say this was something we did ONLY when we were younger,
but then I would be lying to you.  
{picture via Pinterest}

Now that I have shared some of my embarrassing secrets, it's your turn! 
Comment and let me know what you are hiding from behind your perfect blog front!



  1. I wear guy deodorant too. It does work so much better. I use mitchum. Its a clear stick that absolutely does not leave a residue unlike most women deodorant. I never worry about it failing me even during the hottest most humid part of the summer.

    Air skateboard team sounds like something my daughter would join....and is there any tee shirt other than a band shirt?

  2. hahahaha! ok here's one: i don't shave my pit hairs; i pluck them. i don't have much hair there (at most, maybe 10 or so strands) and i'm afraid to shave (because how can you fit a rectangular-shaped razor in a strangely shaped area without cutting the shit out of yourself??? so yes, i use good ol' tweezers to get those suckers out. you should have saved this for wednesday :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Okay, I really think I need to start using men's deo because, YOU'RE RIGHT! It DOES work better! It makes me smell like a man though and I don't want any awkward looks at work. So, I spend way to much on good deodorant that actually works but dries my skin out. Sigh.

  4. I just about died when I read about your old man. That's hilarious!!!

  5. I'll do you one better & admit I always forget to wear deodorant at all :) Luckily, I don't stink. My pits must be super human.

  6. I've never thought to try men's deodorant! I like their razors better too, can't they just make our crap better like theirs? By the way, I am totally obsessed with Awkward and have seen every episode. I am SO excited for the new season!! And Beau Mirchoff can GET IT. I would have his babies.

  7. Air skateboard? This just sounds dangerous!

    I used to keep a thing of deodorant in my locker at school because I feared that I forgot to put it on some mornings.

  8. Oh my gosh, the men's deodorant cracks me up... but I can see that it probably works really well!

  9. Air skateboarding sounds awesome - can you please post pics?

    ... and of course I can't think of anything funny so share. So sad!

  10. My bff and I have alter egos too!!! People think we are insane when we are together... Um I'm 34 and still watch Vampire Diaries. =)

  11. Haha! Air skateboarding sounds fun but you were young so totally understandable! I am so weird about deodorant I keep it everywhere just in case.

  12. LMFAO at Louis and Phyllis and the Air Skateboard Team. So much awesomeness!!!!!

  13. Who doesn't love Awkward! Best show :)
    xo TJ

  14. I've never thought to try men's deodorant. Do they make it unscented or do you smell like a man? LOL!

  15. Hahaha! I loved this post soooo much! Wearing 80's band tees and skateboarding sounds an awful lot like me when I was younger. But I was so awkward!! I love these kinds of quirky "get to know me" type posts... Make more! x

  16. Oh my gosh the air skateboard group is hilarious. Ha.

    And my life is a series of embarrassing moments. When I was little I recorded myself singing on a toy recorded and casette and made my friends listen to it and told them it was a single by a new famous singer. I'm sure everyone believed me.

  17. one of my friends growing up is the mom on awkward! haven't talked to her in years!
    i still know my flag corp routine. of all the things to remember! invisible flag works just as well as a real one!


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