Friday, March 14, 2014

Five On Friday: You Should Check Out That Blog

Hey Hey Hey! (I'm Fat Albert?) No okay I'm not, but I am here to share with you some pretty awesome people today.

If you haven't noticed I don't do sponsorship or understand it or really get into the whole follow me please with a cherry on top. BUT I do love to spread the love through comments (hopefully good ones!) and if I really love ya I share your button or your link to the right of my page (for no money!) That's right these ladies didn't pay me (I wish!), but I just love them so you should probably check them out. 

I thought today I would share 5 of them and why you should check them out just for the fun of sharing the love. 

***Disclaimer: Like I said none of these ladies paid me to say nice things about them (not that I am judging that what so ever, I think that's cool and a great idea!!!!) ALSO I picked these 5 people, because their blogs are all different. I wanted to share something for everyone! Last they are not in an order.

If you are interested in a certain type of blog use this as a key:
1. Funny Blog
2. Beauty Blog
3. Fashion Blog
4. Lifestyle/A Really Real Blog
5. DIY/Lifestyle/Fashion/Everything Blog

Voyage of the Mee Mee
You have heard me talk about her the second Tuesday of everything month, because she hosts a link up called, "Sh*t Men Say." Things you need to know is that she is INSANELY funny and well that really should be all you need to know. Oh and if you are a sensitive person stay away from her blog, because she has no filter at all. 

Some quotes directly from her blog...
"I'm sure that today everyone will be posting about all of the awesome shit they did this weekend, but, I'm just over here like "hey, the highlight of my weekend was Doritos."'

"(Although, in the interest of full disclosure, there was that one instance when I Googled "bleached asshole" because I couldn't believe it was really a thing."

I don't squat when I use public restrooms... I sit my ass right down on the toilet seat without a seat cover. 

So if that didn't convince you nothing will! She is also on top of being very funny, a super sweet person! She has never not taken the time to email me back or respond to a post of mine!
Like the key says this is a beauty blog. AND my favorite one! I have been following along with this blog long before I started my own. She is freaking adorable, does tons of GREAT giveaways, and has the best beauty tips. 

"I admit--eye shadow palettes are my weakness. And if they're great quality and a great price, like ones from Wet N Wild, they always end up in my hands."

"Since I had so many questions about my storage, I thought I would share more info today. I chose acrylic because it is very easy to clean."

"A little treat I look forward to every month is my Ipsy bag."-And she includes unboxing videos, along with others!

So if you love all things beauty related check this women out!

Darcy@ a memory of us
Darcy is a fashion blogger and a fantastic one at that. She mainly posts her outfits and at the end of each post she shares a little bit about her life. I normally am not HUGE into fashion bloggers, but Darcy has this way of making you feel like you know her. She tells you why she wore the outfit and it is always fun going to her page. Take a sneak peak at some of my favorite outfits of hers! 

She recently got engaged so on top of the adorable outfits she posts you can also hear about her exciting wedding details! 
Lauren@ Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren
Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren
If you want some sheer honesty and just an all around real person this is the blog to start following. Lauren does not paint a picture of a perfect life and I love her for it! It is a lifestyle blog in the sense that you know every detail of what she is doing and I love that too! She once did a picture every hour of the day (that she was awake!) 

"Bloggers have a reputation of painting pictures that are way too pretty and perfect about what their lives are like. Well, I like to do my own thing so instead of making my life seem perfect, I am going to flat out tell you about some of the less-than-glamorous things happening in my house these days."

"I say what I feel without thinking it through more often than I would like to admit."

"I use parenthesis more often than the average person (sorry) (see? It's a sickness!)"

I mean she is just seriously an awesome person that is pretty cool so check her out! And she too loves to spread some blogging love, she once gave one of my posts a shout out just because she liked the idea. Let's get real how often does someone take the time to do that?
Last, but not least!
Becky@ A Girl and Her Sparkles
A Girl and Her Sparkles
Becky is so freaking adorable, I mean come on look at her and her dog! I love this blog because it is such a variety of things. She does DIY projects, Cooking/Recipes, OFTD's, She used to do Birchbox reviews, and lots of sharing of things she is currently into. AND she is seriously ALWAYS positive. I wish I could be like that. 

"I made this crockpot dip for work last week. One of our respiratory therapists is leaving for a new job so we had a pitch in and the theme was "something from pinterest". I randomly picked this dip because it seemed easy, and it could cook while I slept for work"

 "I purchased some yards of elastic to make my own hair bands - we'll see how this goes, how hard can it be?!"
See she is a pretty interesting person! Her blog is cute, positive, and just makes you want to visit it! 

Okay so I hope I didn't creep these ladies out by being such a fan girl! Definitely check out at least one of their blogs if not all of them I promise you won't be disappointed!

Link up with these wonderful ladies!



  1. Aw, that's really sweet of you! I love Amanda's blog!

  2. Awwwwww! This was such a good surprise to wake up to!!!! :D Thanks, girl!!! :D :D :D

  3. SO sweet that you are sharing he blog love. I love Amanda, Lauren, and Elle and now I have 2 to check out. Happy Friday!

  4. Awwww thank you so much, Angi! You have made my day two days in a row! (And I really did love your gift for your friend - so glad I posted about it so I can reference it later!) I already read Amanda's blog but now I have some new ones to check out. Have a great weekend!

  5. Great picks girl! I read every single one of those amazing ladies!

  6. Love this post! So great that you are sharing what bloggers you love!

  7. i follow all of these awesome peeps :) so amazing that you're sharing the blog love xoxoxo

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  8. Oh yay! I love stumbling across new blogs to check out! Thanks for the list girl :)
    xo TJ

  9. I knew about three of these bloggers but I'll def have to check the others out.

    Have a lovely wknd!!

  10. You are so sweet to feature me! Your blog is one of my favs to read too! I'm checking out the other 2 you featured that I don't already follow!

  11. I nominated you for the food tag! Check out the rules here:

  12. I'm definitely gonna check out all of the blog that you recommended! have a great day! ♥

  13. Thank you so much for all of your kind words! Seriously, it made my day when you told me you were featuring me. You were one of my first "blogger friends" since we always comment back and forth to each other! Thank you for this post and also for just your continued support. I hope you had a great weekend!! <3

  14. loving the blog shout outs!
    xo Jessica

  15. that is so sweet of you to think of me!! you just made my week!! mwah

  16. I LOVE Amanda and Elle Sees, but I haven't heard of the others, I'll have to check them out! Thanks for the recommendations!

  17. Man, the only one I've never heard of before was Darcy--we have a lot of the same favorite reads! But now I'm heading over to check out Darcy's blog!


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