Thursday, March 20, 2014

Haul Y'all

Josh and I buy weird stuff...ALL THE TIME! By weird I mean just pretty dang random. 

{picture via RottenEcards}

I REALLY debated doing my haul y'all in the vlog form, but I don't think the world is prepared for this craziness yet! If you want me to venture into the vlogging world I would love to hear some feedback!
{all personal photos}

The first thing we bought semi recently was a new grill. 
It is starting to get nice out so we immediately started looking for a grill deal.
Josh's mom (shout out to her, because I know she reads my blog!) 
told us Big Lots had good deals on grills. 
$199 people! What a deal! 

Embarrassing fitting room picture alert****
I headed to Old Navy the other day with one thing on my radar...
Two words...Pixie Pants. I fell in love with these bad boys.
They were only $25 and the top was $15.
I also bought a super cute pair of black flats for $15
got a white t-shirt for free for buying the pants!
Free shit should be my middle name (But that would be a weird middle name)

Bed Bath & Beyond has sent a 20% off coupon to our house
since we moved here in October!
This week we decided to go check out what they had with our coupon.
Rando shopping trips are not good for Josh and I.

I found this plastic mason jar with a straw that has water in
 between two layers that you can freeze for like a ice effect. 
$8.99...20% off!
Read the instructions because I cracked mine pretty much right away...
I had to exchange it for a new one and I felt dumb. So don't do that!

Josh found this fish basket for the grill. 
We eat a TON of samon and it didn't go so well on the grill last time.
We will give this a try and if you are interested enough
 I will let you know how it goes.
Also $8.99...20% off!

The last thing we picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond was this candle.
Josh thought it was "cool!" 
It is hard to tell, but the wicks are in an s shape.
 I held the container over top the candle if you were wondering 
why I would light the candle with the container still on it!
It is by the company Ribbonwick and was on sale for:
$18...20% off!

If you liked knowing about all the random things we bought recently let me know! 
We literally go shopping many times a week so I could do this all the time!



  1. Love those pants! So cute.

    What great finds :) And I have EXTREMELY slow internet so it takes me a really long time to watch even five minute videos. But most people aren't as cheap as me and probably have real internet and can watch vlogs in a normal amount of time ha.

  2. My husband and I end up buying the most random stuff too! We totally need a grill, I am going to have to check out what our Big Lots has! We like to hit up our Bargain Hunt on the reg and you just never know what we will come home with!

  3. Oh gosh, I swear my husband buys the weirdest thing all the time. Too funny ;)
    xo TJ

  4. Random things are my very favorite to buy. I WANT THAT MASON JAR DRINKY THINGY!

  5. Ooooh, the new grill is going to be so great for spring/summer! I could honestly barbecue every single night of the week. :-)

  6. I have that Old Navy shirt in mint! But, I need to exchange it bc I already have a similarly-textured shirt, also mint, that I forgot about. Oops! I have been wanting one of those ribbon wick candles but I have been resisting... I'll get one soon though!

  7. i saw those pants but then realized that a 38yr old woman has no business wearing that jazz. so i put them down even though they're so cute!!

    Vodka and Soda

  8. i got a vanilla coconut candle from bb&b last week! i've not tried the ribbon ones but have seen them around.

  9. I'm glad you posted a picture because I had no idea what pixi pants were. I WISH we had room for a bbq. Mmm.. bbq...

  10. Those Mason jar things are popping up everywhere. The South is taking over!! :)

  11. I love those pants! Looks like I'm going to have to stop by Old Navy and check them out!


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