Thursday, October 3, 2013

Detroit Week Day 4: Places to Drink

No secret that Josh and I love to enjoy a good beer. We just graduated in May and are still stuck in the phase of going out and having a good time (you're only young once right). Of course we found all the best places in Michigan to get a good beer and have a good time. 

Let's start with the fact that we are within walking distance to one of Josh's favorite breweries, Atwater. (And when I say within walking distance I mean literally 10 steps from our apartment and you are there. 

{both picture via Atwater}
This brewery is located in a 1919 warehouse and has a really cool atmosphere.

Another brewery we love is Dragonmead. {all pictures via Dragonmead}

It not only has some of the best beer and SO many options, but the bar is pretty cool too!

How cool is this?

Josh and I normally just get a sampler of beer, because we can't decide. 

Just like any good cities the bar scene is pretty good...
The Baltimore is a bar that is a total dive with tons of character. I sadly couldn't find a single picture of it, but it is featured on AMCs new TV show called Low Winter Sun ( they call it the international on the show.) They have really cheap beer, but REALLY expensive mixed drinks. 

Old Shillelagh- This downtown detroit at its finest. It's 3 levels with different music on each level and is always PACKED! The top floor is a roof dance floor with a DJ. 

{pictures via Old Shillelagh}

Sometimes they even have HUGE outside dance parties with a DJ. 


  1. drinking your way through a city definitely seems like the best way to get to know it, glad you had a good time! :)

    the hobbit kitchen x

    1. You couldn't be more right! You can meet so many people that way too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey, there is nothing wrong with going out and having a drink! Its fun to try new bars and new drinks you might not have before!

    1. Exactly! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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