Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Detroit Week Day 3: Places to Live

What day is it? Hump Day that's right...Happy Hump Day! 

The ONLY reason I'm writing this post at all during Detroit Week is that most of the horrible thoughts that revolve around Detroit is that certain parts are not suitable for living in. Like any city there are parts that are abandoned...Who cares? So let's talk about my favorite place...downtown Detroit. 

I am obviously bias because I think where I live is the best...We live in River Place Apartments right on the River Walk. Our apartment is located only a few miles from downtown (Perfect!)

{both videos via personal videos}

This is the complex I live in.

This is our actual apartment with a brick wall in the bedroom and exposed beam 13 ft. ceilings. 

BUT... although I love my apartment it might not be for everyone. 

The rest of these apartments are obviously just apartments I have heard are good. 

Millender Center - Josh and I actually REALLY wanted to live here. It is in the heart of downtown and the people mover is attached so you can get all over the city easily.

Just to name a few...however, I will always be bias and say that River Place Apartments offers the most for the best price. 

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