Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Week Day 2: Trick or Treat

Joshua laughs at me whenever I bring this up...Trick or Treat! This is the first year that we have our own house therefore have our own trick or treaters. Who cares that I'm more excited than the kids will be. I remember being a kid and going trick or treating and some houses gave out floss, beanie babies, and just plain old candy. I want to be remembered like that too...so I got thinking...
{all pictures via Pinterest}
How cute are these? But I think these would be a bit expensive to make.

I LOVE these, but parents are always weird about open candy (and they should be).

Same with these adorable, but they are open. 

These are something I am definitely considering making. I would need to make something else too, because handing out just lollipops is lame. 

These are awesome...made with a rubber glove. The downside to these is the mass amount of candy in each bag. Candy is expensive guys!

So in the end I might just pick up a really cute candy holder.

Josh and I will be dressing up as always so hopefully the kids like our costumes. He also brought up doing hot chocolate in the garage. Apparently that's something he remembers from his childhood trick or treating and I love the idea. I think it will be nice to get to know our neighbors better if we invite them in for some hot chocolate and then give the kids their candy! 
Check out my next post to see what costumes we are deciding on!


Has anyone told you that you are AWESOME today? Well I just did. Thanks for the support, comments, and general amazingness. Keep being great!

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