Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Detroit Week Day 2: Things to Do Part 2

Hello All! Day 2 of Detroit Week. As promised yesterday I want to keep telling you all things to do while in Detroit. Since this is the Motor City today will be heavy on the car aspect of Detroit. (I pre-warned you!) I promise however that I am a girlie girl and if I enjoy it everyone will. 
{picture via Business Insider}
Downtown Detroit just for fun!

Woodward Dream Cruise- {pictures via Woodward Dream Cruise}

You basically drive up and down Woodward Avenue and "cruise." The name of the event is very fitting. You see some of the most interesting cars, like the one above. 

This may seem like a lot of cars, but this is nothing. 

My favorite car, maybe not this exact one. I will own one of these one day. 

Henry Ford- {pictures via Henry Ford Museum}
Whichever pictures I choose will not do this place justice. It literally is an all weekend event. They have  a museum that you walk through that takes an entire day, Greenfield Village which is an outdoor exhibit that consists of buildings from around the world that were transplanted to this location, and a chance to tour their facility that produces Ford trucks.
The building is beautiful. 

The bus Rosa Park sat in.

I'm sure everyone knows what this is...this is actually one of many.

A portable house. One of only a few ever made. They obviously never took off.

Part of the Ford Truck Plant tour.

Also part of the tour.

Inside Greenfield Village. The first Ford building.

These little cars give tours throughout the complex.

Packard Plant- {all pictures via various locations}
The Packard Plant to most will be a huge, rundown, abandoned, eyesore...,but I happen to think it's a cool historical building that gives the city of Detroit its character. I would have loved to have seen this city in its heyday. 





Okay enough cars for one post, I forgot to include a few non-car related things into my last post that are necessary to share...

Heidelberg Project- {pictures via personal photos, but click HERE to learn about why these are such wacky buildings}

It might look like a bunch of junk, but it was created to save this neighborhood from being torn down. I just think it's pretty cool!


Has anyone told you that you are AWESOME today? Well I just did. Thanks for the support, comments, and general amazingness. Keep being great!

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