Monday, September 30, 2013

Detroit Week Day 1: Things To Do Part 1

I have been planning for awhile now to dedicate an entire week to the city I spent my summer in (Detroit). My time here has been short, but sweet. Joshua raved about Detroit for an entire year since his internship with Chrysler ended last summer. I am going to admit that I was not only skeptical about moving to Detroit, but down right scared. I remember only a few short months ago apartment shopping with Josh and his parents and not wanting to even drive down 8 mile. I, like most people, have a preconceived notion that Detroit is the worst place on Earth (YOU WILL GET SHOT IF YOU GO THERE)-maybe not this drastic. 
{picture via Metromade}

Now that we are moving to Louisville, Kentucky I wanted to take the ENTIRE week to show the good side of Detroit. I hope I am able to change at least a few minds about this city that is so underestimated. 

So before we get this thing started this is the breakdown of my week...

Things To Do Part 1

Things To Do Part 2 (Because there is just that much to do. This will mainly focus on all things car related, lets be real I do live in the Motor City)

Places To Live (This is the tricky part about Detroit, so I want to make sure anyone planning to move here does it right)

Places To Drink (A huge part of Josh and I is our love for breweries, wineries, and nightlife)

Places To Eat (This will be true to my Five on Friday tradition and do our Five favorite places to eat, I could list 1000s of places to eat so this will be difficult for me) 

Interested?...well lets begin! Since I already rambled SO much I am not going to go into much detail about each place to visit, just trust me when I say they are worth it! (PRE-WARNING THIS IS VERY PICTURE HEAVY!)

DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts- {pictures via DIA}

One thing I love about this city is the historic buildings, they add so much character.

If the outside doesn't make you want to visit, the inside will knock your socks off.

The entire structure is gorgeous.

Detroit Historical Museum- {all pictures via Detroit Historical Museum}

The outside.

The bottom level of the museum takes you back in you walk through the floor changes as the era changes (from a brick road to wood to actual tree pieces). The shops can be walked through and there are lots of interactive items. 

There is an interactive train set. 

There is even a Kid Rock Section (Since he is from Michigan)

Belle Isle- {all picture via Belle Island}
You take a bridge to get to the island (you can see it in the picture below) And throughout the Isle is tons of different things to do!

This a sky-view of Belle Isle.

Beautiful fountain at the center of the Isle.

Here is an aquarium and an area to walk through all sorts of plants.

A BEACH! This is unheard of in MI! It's not exactly what I consider a beach, but it was nice to see sand and water next to each other when I was missing home. 

There is also an area to see some cute creatures!

Fireworks- {video via personal video}
Detroit has some of the best fireworks around. It brings about a million people into the city to watch! 

Casino/Greektown- {pictures via Greektown Casino}

Downtown Greektown. 

Greektown Casino.

And lets not forget I hit it BIG here once.

Detroit Tigers- {pictures via Detroit Tigers Website}

You might remember Josh and I visiting the stadium right downtown and having a blast!

Fox Theater- {picture via personal photo}

This is possibly the coolest theater I have EVER seen. It has so much history and character. Josh and I never got around to seeing anything here, but every time we pass it we always say how we need too! Click HERE to see what shows they have coming up. 

Detroit Zoo- {pictures via Detroit Zoo}

{picture via family photo}
This is us before going into the Zoo.
Josh and I on top, his sister (Megan and her boyfriend Aron) on bottom.

I'm not going to lie to you, this is a zoo its not the worlds best zoo, it is just a regular run of the mill zoo. It was a VERY fun family day, HUGE, and had lots of exhibits. 

So cute!

Hey look... a Detroit Tiger (I'm so corny!)

I could literally go on for days and days about all the things you can do it Detroit, but lucky for you I will only go on for one more day, so tune in tomorrow for day 2 of Things To Do in Detroit. I hope you are all or (ya'll for those of you who live in the South) are enjoying Detroit Week. 

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