Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome Home Ya'll

Like my title? I hope I don't offend any southern bloggers, I'm only having fun! Well guys today was the day, the movers came, unloaded, and I was left with a house full of boxes (In Kentucky though!). 
I felt a little something like this...

{picture via Binjin Mall}

I am in for a super busy week full of unpacking, a new job, and getting settled into this new city. If you are a reader of this blog you know that my boyfriend spent almost every week Monday-Friday down here for work while I spent every week living in our apartment in Detroit (alone), so when I heard we would be moving together down here I was thrilled! But all happy stories have to come to an end (at least for a brief moment) Josh will be working in Detroit this week, go figure and I will be in Kentucky (alone). 

I was hoping to do before and after pictures of our very dated home and share the woes of renting a house, but stupid me forgot to take pictures of our empty space. Josh did take a picture of when he first came and looked at the house...
{picture via personal photo}
So let's just say that there is old charm to the house. That needs to be worked on. As much as I wanted to cry when I first saw what I was moving into I have actually started to like it as our stuff gets placed in each area. 

I still plan on sharing all the ups and downs or renting, redecorating our new place (the best we can since it is a rental), and how we are adjusting to Louisville. I have MANY DIY projects planned it is not even funny. 

so stay tuned to see what is ahead...

{picture via Pinterest}
Hopefully I don't end up like this person.


  1. i love these pictures. So cool. The third one is really funny but yeah it is a lot of work. Will you like to follow each other on GFC, FB and Twitter? Please let me know on my blog!!!Love
    New Post Fashion Talks

    1. I think I already follow you on everything, but twitter (it's just not my thing!)

    2. Awesome thanks! Hope you enjoy my blog!

  2. I'm excited to see what you have planned!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

    1. Thanks me too! Sneak peak: We have random 70's peg board in our kitchen that I plan to paint and hang up either wicker baskets or iron baskets too!

  3. Moving is a PAIN. My boyfriend helped moved boxes and furniture but other than that he had to work and I did 90% of our settling in solo. The plus side is that everything goes where YOU want it to go. :)

  4. Moving is a pain at first but it's also the best opportunity to redecorate! I'd move once a year if I could, any excuse to

    Mel's Corner


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