Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween at the Solle/Greenplate Household

Happy Halloween! 

Halloween at the Solle/Greenplate household has been put in full swing the last couple of days. We finally did pumpkins, I made trick or treat bags, and we had costume sit back drink some apple cider (or pumpkin spiced anything) and read all about our Halloween festivities. 

{all photos are personal}
We started out with a little trip to Paul's Fruit Market to pick up some pumpkins...Look at these bad boys (HUGE!) I ventured to the Walmart to grab some paint, candles, and paint brushes for all the decorating. Side Note: I have no idea where all my craft projects are located with all this moving around, let's hope they are still at my parents house in PA!

Josh was busy trying to print the pattern he wanted to make for his pumpkin so I thought I would get started on my trick or treat bags. If you remember back during Halloween Week here on Can't Buy Me Love I talked about wanting to make trick or treat bags. I loved as a kid getting a little extra treat of a goodie bag or something different then just grabbing candy from a bucket. 
This is my mess on our kitchen table.

 Guys candy is expensive. I got 2 variety packs with a coupon and I didn't end up spending that much, but regular priced it would have been $26 for bags of candy (that is unreal to me!)
But I think my 50 trick or treat bags turned out cute-I can't wait to hand them out! Josh seems to think we are going to run out and hey we might, but it happens. 

After I snapped some poor quality iphone pictures of my goodie bags I cleared the table and set up our pumpkin station. Let it be known that Josh wasn't into the whole pumpkin thing at first, but I insisted and he ended up having so much fun!

I didn't get many pictures of Josh working on his "masterpiece," but here is one of him on 
the phone with his dad (not very safe carving protocol)!

 If you also remember I was really debating what I wanted to do to my pumpkin this year, because I am the worse carver EVER! I kid you not-normally I am done and people have no clue what it is supposed to be. 

I took to Pinterest about a month ago and looked up different options. I like so many things that I combined a bunch. I first painted boo...

Then added some polka dots! You can kind of see Josh's work in progress in the background!

I saw so many people taking a drill to their pumpkins and I HAD to try it. So I drilled a bunch of holes all throughout my pumpkin!

Action shot! ha!

Wanna see the final products?
Josh recently got a new company car and it is a brand new Ram truck so he insisted he did the Ram logo...I think it turned out awesome!

Here you can see my pumpkin glowing through all the the holes I drilled.

Here is Josh's pumpkin with the candle in it!

 Here they all are on our porch! I kept the painted pumpkins on the porch in case it rained.

We also did a couple little pumpkins! We really didn't feel like doing them after we took so much time on our big pumpkins. I painted mine in probably 2 minutes flat and I didn't even get a picture of Josh's little one (it of course had car logos all over it).

Here you can see the pumpkins my niece and nephew mailed to me and my final products. I almost cried when I got their little pumpkins in the mail, I miss them like crazy. 

Okay so you are probably wondering "Angi where are the costumes you have talked about for the entire month of October," guys sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them too. I have dressed up for Halloween every single year of my entire life. Yup that's right I'm Halloween obsessed. I have just been flip-flopping for weeks about what I wanted to be that here it is the day of and have nothing. I did buy everything for Josh to be a Zombie tonight, but I think I am going to sit this one out. We decided that since the weather is so bad right now in Louisville that we weren't going out to anything downtown. I guess paying money for a costume that I would be wearing just to hand out my trick or treat bags didn't appeal to me this year. So I will sit the year out, oh well! I hope everyone has the most magical Halloween night filled with candy, costumes, and pumpkin everything!!! I will be enjoying bakes pumpkin seeds and hot apple cider after dinner. 

Please tell me all of your plans for Halloween (whether they are related or not!)?


  1. pumpkins are really adorable! Happy Halloween!

  2. Those pumpkins are huge! I love the painted one!

    1. They are pretty big! I didn't realize how expensive a pumpkin was either when you get them this large. Walmart had them for only $2 I should have went that route-we paid $10 a piece (I love Halloween I guess)

  3. Replies
    1. Aw thank you, it was an unoriginal idea, but hey who cares (don't fix what isn't broke)!

  4. Your pumpkin is so cute! I laughed out loud at "pumpkin carving protocol"! lol Goodie bags are the best! Those were always my favorite!!!! :)

    1. Thank you! It was true though have was doing some unsafe carving ha!

  5. your pumpkin is adorable!


  6. love how you decorated these, super cute!

    1. Thank you so much! I just really wanted to do something different this year!

  7. You are a very creative couple~ love both of your masterpieces! :)

    1. Thank You! Josh is surprisingly a little more creative then me!

  8. I love your pumpkins - they look awesome! And YES, candy is SO expensive! I couldn't believe how much a bag of kit kats cost!

    1. It was shocking! I understand why some people choose not to hand out candy. My brother mentioned that his kids got less candy then ever this year!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks! Very unoriginal (straight off of Pinterest), but who cares right ha!


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