Saturday, October 5, 2013

Do You Know Your Monograms?

This post is going to be very text heavy, because I really want to share the proper etiquette for your monograms so I thought I would add a little something pretty first.

{both picture via personal photos}
Look how cute these Lilly Pulitzer backgrounds are on my iphone!

I have a Vera Bradley cell phone case. All these patterns are a little bright and in your face, but oh well! 
(side note: I didn't think about how I'm completely sharing all of my apps with you guys! Don't mind how freakishly organized I have to have my phone!)

As we all know I LOVE monograms! But I got to thinking the other day about how my monogram may not always be aMs or AmS or whatever variation I have always been using (mind blown). I started searching what is proper monograms once you get married and I thought I would share what I found...(before we get started, I am not engaged, I am not planning on being engaged anytime soon, and I am not pushing anything here...rant over before I get yelled at by the boyfriend).

Let us use Joshua Dwayne Greenplate and Angela Marie Solle (My boyfriend and I) as the examples.

Barware- You would use the man's initial or monogram (i.e. JdG/ jDg OR G)

Bath Towels- This goes by user of the towel. If it is the man's towel use his first, last, middle (i.e. JGD, in any variation), same for the women. I personally would rather do joint towels and I would  personally then do his first initial, our last initial, my first initial (i.e. jGa or just a super fancy G)

Bedding- Most of the sites said you would use the women of the houses first, married, and maiden (i.e. AgS). OR you could choose to do a mix family monogram depending on who sleeps on which side. Josh sleeps on the left side (i.e. jGa).

Table Linens- Sources say these are treated the same as bedding. 
Bags- Any sort of bag the entire family may use will need the family initial on it (i.e. G)
Wedding Paper-Goods- Invitations and Ceremony uses bride's maiden name monogram (i.e. aMs), then you switch to the family monogram for the reception, favors, ect. (i.e. AgJ or jGa). 
I also noticed the difference between traditional monogram, wife's first, husbands last, wife's maiden (i.e. aGs) and modern monogram wife's first, husband's last, husband's first (i.e. aGj) I completely prefer aGj or jGa!
{picture via Monogrampage}
One day (far in the future) I will have to say goodbye to this beautiful monogram!

I hope this helps anyone who has been wondering themselves how monograms work! 


  1. I love the Lilly Pulitzer backgrounds! They look so cute on my iPhone! :) x

    1. I know right! I love them. The hardest part was picking which pattern I wanted to use! Thanks for stopping by!


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