Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Talk Hotel Livin' and Movin'

{Pre-Warning VERY picture heavy post ahead}

So let's rewind back to last Tuesday (when I should have realized that our move wasn't going to be easy). Josh and I did this to our wall when trying to take our TV down...

{All pictures via personal photos}
Isn't this just fantastic? There goes our security deposit. 
But our week wasn't all bad, we did find an incredible bakery while staying in downtown Detroit. 

Yum Baklava! 

We left our Detroit hotel last Friday and headed into 3 days of different towns and different hotels. First night we stayed in Cincinnati and honestly just slept. We were so exhausted from the driving we did that day.

Then we woke up early and headed for Kentucky...

I saw this sign and BAM everything was gorgeous. Kentucky is such a beautiful state. It reminds me a lot of Pennsylvania (where Josh and I are from). 

Although the next couple of pictures are taken from my iphone you can still see how gorgeous everything is. I followed Josh down and I am sure he was wondering why I was swerving a little as I'm attempting to take tons of pictures!

I just love all the mountains. 

So gorgeous right?

We spent the next 3 days touring a distillery, a winery, eating at wonderful restaurants, and just spending time together since Josh is leaving me for the whole week starting today.

Now who wants to talk about how bad our move went?
As the movers brought our stuff in bright and early yesterday piece by piece I noticed was broken, take a look...

Both drawers will not (no matter how hard I try) stay on their tracks.

All the light bulbs are missing! 

It is hard to see, but the entire leg is broken. The next pictures you can see how crooked the couch is because of it. 

This is the large couch that also now sit crooked. Along with these being broken, they also broke our hub cap clock that we made, one of our end tables, and basically packed our boxes at random (making them impossible to unpack). 

Sigh. I am done complaining though. I am happy to be moved into a house, with my boyfriend, and I am starting to love its old charm. Did anyone else have moving issues? Or a house that they are renting that needs some tough love?


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    1. Thanks! It is honestly whatever comes out of my mouth I type. ha! But thanks for stopping by!

  2. My recent move was filled with moving issues! It's all a part of it. Once you get over the initial hurdles and get things all set up it gets much better!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. I needed to hear that thank you! I am looking forward to having it all done.

  3. Oh that is terrible about all the broken things! That just adds to the stress of moving! I hope things start looking up!


    1. Today went much better...I didn't find any other broken items while unpacking and things are starting to look great here! Thanks!

  4. Were you doing some of the Bourbon Trail? I'm from Kentucky and lived in Lexington for the past 5 years (until we moved to NYC in September!). I was so lucky to live in such a beautiful state for so long!

    Thanks so much for all the kind words you said on my blog. It meant SO MUCH to me to hear how much you enjoy it!

    xx, Jordan
    Opal & Violet

    1. Yes we were doing a part of the Bourbon Trail! We obviously hope to finish the entire trail during our stay in Kentucky! And of course, I meant every one of them!


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