Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's Move To Kentucky

This is the week WE ARE MOVING...into a hotel. The movers are here today and will be packing up all of our stuff and will be delivering it who knows when. They said up to 11 days. Meaning we are moving into hotels. This week we are staying in a hotel in Detroit, since Josh has to work at his office. This weekend we are staying in Lexington Kentucky.  Then let's cross our fingers that we move into our new home by Monday. I am ready! I hope to also start work next week, but this is also up in the air. 

{picture via Pinterest} 
Let's get this thing going!


  1. this post makes me so jealous even though I just found your blog and i basically dont know whats going on haha. I wish I could move right now. I wish you two luck :))

    1. Don't be jealous, we move way too much! But it is very exciting to experience new adventures. We have lived in 3 states in 1 year! Thanks for stopping by, stick around and you'll see lots of exciting new Kentucky posts!


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