Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY: Wreaths

I am a BIG DIY-er (I make these words up I think), but I have some plans in the works that my boyfriend is absolutely hating. Since we are working towards our first house together, it'll be the first time I can DIY our place. I have always wanted to DIY fun wreaths for our front in an apartment doesn't really give you room to do that without the risk of them getting stolen. Some ideas I have brewing...

{All pictures via Pinterest

I will literally get started on these the second we move into our new house. I don't know why I love them all so much, but I can picture a new one for every holiday or just because! 


  1. hmmmm, great Christmas gifts too - not too expensive, made from the heart and personal!!!! hint, hint, LOL

  2. Good idea!!!! I thought about doing all my Christmas gifts this year DIY style. Time consuming, but it'll be fun!


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