Thursday, August 8, 2013


Okay so I (much like every girl) have been dreaming of a fairytale wedding since I practically popped out of the womb. BUT I am only 22 and Josh and I have no plan of getting married anytime soon. We have lots of fun left to have before we take this HUGE step, but I can still dream.

Cue! This magical land of bloggers blogging all about their weddings as they plan them. Basically it's the cutest wedding site I have EVER seen. You apply to be a blogger during your wedding planning/leading up to your wedding day. They pick a handful of women and you pick a code name, examples include Miss Camera, Miss Sword, Miss Jet Setter, ect. ect. ect. I've decided that if I would ever be a weddingbee blogger my code name would be something like Miss Mimosa or Miss Monogram or Miss Brooch (since I have a new obsession with them) who knows. I just think the concept is cute!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CHECKING IT OUT!!! If you love all things weddings as much as I do this website is perfect. The women are DIY lovers and plan the most perfect weddings.


Has anyone told you that you are AWESOME today? Well I just did. Thanks for the support, comments, and general amazingness. Keep being great!

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