Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Missing PSU

The oddest feeling has come over me in the past week, with Penn State students heading back to school and for the first time I won't be joining them. Graduating is obviously such a great accomplishment, but I am missing it so bad. I miss my crazy friends, roommate, the bars, the beautiful buildings, the BJC, THON, my apartment, I miss absolutely everything. I thought I would take a walk through my senior year and all things that I miss!

{all pictures via personal photos}

One of the things I miss is THON, the community, the great cause, everything about it. 

 Being apart of the entire Penn State experience and leaving literally my handprint on State College.

I miss my fantastic apartment! And how it could be decorated super crazy and that was acceptable.

 I miss the little traditions of Penn State (like the Willard Preacher) And I miss the crazy students that go to Penn State

 I miss late night McDonalds after drinking

 I miss my roommate!

 I miss being able to let completely loose.

 I miss getting as many people as possible together and going out.

 I miss dancing all night long with my favorite people.

 I miss monkey boys (the drink below).

I miss these people and spending days on end with them.

Most of all I miss this beautiful campus and the experience I had there.

I got an incredible education and enjoyed every minute of being apart of the Penn State experience. I hope the students that are there now and to come truly enjoy the time spent there because it goes by too quickly. 

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