Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Loved Ones

As I talked about in my last post Joshua and I are planning a trip home at the end of August and I couldn't be more excited to see my family. I am truly lucky to have the family and friends that I am surrounded with. I would love to share how awesome these people really are.

First is the amazing people who I am forever thankful for giving birth to me. My mom and dad are beyond supportive and I owe them for raising me to be the independent person I am. My mom has set out to lose weight over the past couple years and has taught me what determination really is. My dad is the most hardworking man I know and has taught me you work for what you want, nothing is just handed to you. 
My parents also raised another amazing person, my brother. He recently married a women that makes him incredibly happy which of course makes me happy. My brother and I have a fun relationship where we still act like we are little kids in the same house fighting, but I know he would do anything for me.

And if my brother wasn't cool enough he had some pretty cool kids. He has two kids from a previous marriage and new baby that I am patiently waiting to meet. This picture describes there relationship perfectly. They are not only the worlds cutest kids, but they are so good and fun. 
This is such a funny poised picture, as true brother and sister when it was over he probably kicked her 

This little doll baby is my newest niece that I already love without even meeting her

Every girl needs a best friend and I found mine in the 7th grade. She's probably the funniest person I have ever met. Knowing I can literally call her at anytime of the night or day and she will talk me out of whatever life ending event I think I'm going through makes me love her even more. 
This is her boyfriend (that I set her up with :)
Isn't she super pretty!

If your a lucky girl you also have a boyfriend or husband by your side. Joshua an I met junior year of high school and immediately became close friends. Although Josh was ready to date me right away it took be until freshman year of college to realize I couldn't live without him. He is the typical boy that isn't super romantic or sensitive, but he is always there for me. He bends over backwards to help, support me, and love me. On top of it all he is so freaking cute.

If it wasn't for Josh I obviously wouldn't have met his incredible family. I feel so lucky that from day 1 Josh's family welcomed me with open arms. They are so much fun and so supportive with everything I do. His little sister is the sister that I never had and I'm so happy I'm able to be so close to all of them. 

{all pictures are personal or family photos}

Can you tell that I'm homesick?

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  1. ok - now this blog made me cry - I love you more then you know and am soooo super proud of the woman you have become. I cant wait for you to come home to visit!!!!!


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