Saturday, August 3, 2013

Five on Friday: Kentucky

I had every intention of having this grand Five on Friday every Friday and epically failed on the very first Friday since I started blogging less than a week ago...If I would have not been so lame this is what my post would have looked like yesterday...

Thinking my blog needed a little consistency to it, I decided to start a Five on Friday. I am a list fanatic-I mean it! If I can make a list whether it be for groceries, a to-do list, or things I need to accomplish in the near future I will. Organization is kinda my obsessive/annoying thing! Soooo with that being said, a Five on Friday list sounds good to me. I haven't completely decided the rhythm of it, maybe five things I wish I had blogged about that week or five things I loved that week. I think I'll just play it by ear each Friday, tune in to see where it goes...BUT for this friday I'm thinking five things I loved this week.

This list will need a little bit of a back story considering this was an abnormal week for me. As I have shared previously my boyfriend is currently working in Kentucky while I stay in our apartment in Detroit, MI. He spends Monday-Friday every week staying in a hotel in Louisville until we permanently transfer down there together. And this is getting exhausting being away from him, so before I start working next week I decided to take the week and join him in the hotel life in Louisville.

Five on Friday: Things I loved about my trip to Kentucky edition

1. Hotel Accommodations: {pictures via Hampton Inn}
I don't know if I am the only one who feels this way about Hampton Inn beds, but it's like heaven sleeping on them. The best part is you can actually buy the bedding, pillows, and foam bed from Hampton. Joshua and I are have debated dishing out that large (but worth it) amount of money. 

Amazing pillows

Amazing foam mattress

Amazing blanket

{picture via personal photo}

Of course the continental breakfast, something about waking up to a delicious breakfast that you didn't have to cook or pour out of a box gets me excited. 

2. Kentucky Atmosphere: 
In the two weeks that I have visited Kentucky I have fallen in love with its atmosphere of laid back country living. The things to do, eat, drink, and see are just incredible. Not to mention that every single person I've met has been insanely nice.

First is their beer, it's no secret that Joshua and I are HUGE brewery fans. So beer where ever we go is an important aspect. Kentucky gets a gold star in the beer department, plus Joshua loves his Bourbon. Blue Grass Brewing Company is a fav!

We also stumbled into this HUGE park, full of running tracks, fields for frisbee or other sports, and little playgrounds. It was adorable and very pretty!

3. House Hunting: 
While down there we thought it would be fun to start looking at areas we would want to live in. House hunting and talking about all the things we want in a house is so much fun. Josh's only concern is that their be a toy two car garage. I just want a cute simple house for our first home. 
{picture via personal photo}
This is probably out of our price range, but just shows how beautiful Kentucky really is!

4. Ice Cream:
{picture via personal photo}

I am an ice cream lover and had been craving it all week. I had been hearing Graeter's ice cream come up again and again since researching and telling people I was moving to Kentucky and I was not disappointed. Josh and I both agree it's some of the best ice cream we have ever had. If you are in the area it is a necessity to try it!

5. Spending time with Joshua: 
I haven't shared much about my relationship with my goofy, but adorable boyfriend. We spent 90% of our relationship long distance since freshman year of college when we started dating from other schools. Although I've known him since junior year of high school I am still in love with this boy. The video below is just one reason why I will follow him anywhere! Moving in with him after graduating college was the best decision we ever made for our relationship.

(And to clear up why I was majorly lame yesterday, I enjoyed a Beach Boys concert, meet and greet with the band before and after the concert, and a party bus through my boyfriends company. It was also my first day back in Detroit since my trip to Kentucky. Pictures and stories to follow from the concert soon! And the buying of a new classic car today to add to Josh's collection (he's on his 10th car...oh boy))

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