Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shopping Trip

Decided to treat myself to a little retail therapy this week, not that there is anything in my life right now that needs therapy for, but honestly any excuse to shop sounds good to me!

{all pictures via personal photos}

My shopping included a new sports bra.

 Front of this adorable flower shirt I almost didn't see

 This is the back. It has a cute button hole at the top.

OBSESSED with this grandpa sweater. I got it oversized to wear with leggin's, I know it's going to be my favorite thing to wear this winter.

High low sheer pink shirt.

I have been searching for a good pair of black skinny's for awhile.

 AND finally my favorite find. This jean vest. I want to pair it with a white dress and fun scarf, but there are so many options for it.

This trip also included some intimates and only cost me $80! Find these at Aerie or American Eagle (keep in mind I get an employee discount). 

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