Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday: Life

Sorry I've been sucking so much lately, but I worked over 100 hours in the past two weeks has kept me away from my blog. BUT I did not forget about my Five on Friday this week. This week it's going to be five things you've missed out on during the past two weeks.

1. Beach Boys
This is long overdue. Josh was invited through his work to first do a meet and greet with the lead singer of the BEACH BOYS! I used to love them from the days of watching Full House (I'm showing my age I suppose) 
{picture via personal photo}

I even got a signed CD!
{picture via personal photo, sorry about the sideways pic}

Then it was concert time and it was AMAZING!
{video via personal photo}

We danced, enjoyed meeting Josh's co-workers, and singing songs I was surprised I knew. After the show we were invited backstage to meet the rest of the band.
{picture via personal photo}

2. Trip Home
Exciting news that I will be planning a trip home finally at the end of this month. I am missing these little perfect people. Nora is my newest niece and I haven't met her yet, so to say I'm excited is an understatement. Isaac and Kara are in the picture below passed out after a long day of bike riding. 
{picture via personal photo}

{picture via personal photo}

3. Store Open
Working over 100 hours in the past two weeks was not only amazing overtime, but exhausting. As I shared before I started a new job since I've moved to Detroit. We recently opened a brand new side by side AE and Aerie store in the mall. It opened Tuesday so my schedule will become a little more open. 

4. Kentucky
Update on our move to Kentucky, Josh finally got his "okay" to get the process going. Just waiting on a few things and we will be house hunting.

5. Drinks and Casino
After a very stressful work week, I joined Josh and a few of his friends for a night of drinking and gambling. 

First we started at the top of the GM building at Coach Insignia. 
{picture unknown}

This is the amazing view from the top floor
{picture unknown}

Then we hit the casino where I made $40.30 off of $5

{picture via personal photo}

This is a side note, but Josh packed my lunch one day last week and this is what I found on my PB&J. How cute is he!!!
{picture via personal photo}


Has anyone told you that you are AWESOME today? Well I just did. Thanks for the support, comments, and general amazingness. Keep being great!

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