Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vineyards, Eh?

Sorry about the poor title joke about Canadian Vineyards. (I hope you still get it)! 

Before Josh and I moved out to Detroit we thought it would be a good idea to get our passports considering our apartment complex is on the water that faces Canada. Our summer has been non-stop and had no time to make it over to Windsor the first half of our summer, but just a few weeks ago we decided to spontaneously browse Canada. 

I am a SUPER anxious person so just getting across the borders made me feel like a bad person smuggling alcohol or something with all the questions they ask. Especially if you're a person with a PA license, MI car plate, and it's a company car. They kind of grill you. Once we finally made it across the border into Canada our first stop was the tourist information center. We were helped by the nicest  man who loaded us up with brochures. 

We knew before heading their that vineyards were on the list considering Windsor kind of kills it in the vineyard department! It's such a big deal there that they have a wine route map (consisting of 18 vineyards) We made it to 2 that day, but plan on going back to MANY MANY more in a near future visit!

{picture via Muscedere Vineyards}
This picture is poor quality and does not do this place justice, but its 1. HUGE 2. breathtakingly beautiful 3. Has GREAT wines
It has super laid back feel, basement cellar, tours, fire oven prepared pizza's, and a gorgeous patio to eat them one!

{picture via North 42 Degrees}
The second stop wasn't as pretty, but it made up for it with even MORE incredible wines! We snagged an ice wine at the first stop and a 2012 Gewurztraminer at the second. 

We are currently planning an overnight trip so that we have more time to see more. We plan on making more vineyards a must, visiting Pelee Island, possibly some gambling at Caesars, and whatever else we can get into. 


  1. I am following you on Bloglovin - did you want to do GFC too? I like your blog. sandie

  2. And thank you, it's a work in progress!


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