Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bling Bling Flavor Flavvvv

Hi Pretty Ladies! Happy Wednesday. Guess what day it is? The Hump Day Blog Hop that's what day it is.

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The Hump Day Blog Hop

If you follow me you know I am OBSESSED with scarves (and apparently my family knows too, because I got about 5 new scarves for Christmas). I wanted to start branching out into the jewelry world (Woah! Slow down right?). I asked for a few new pieces for Christmas and was surprised by a few I didn't ask for as well!

I adore all of the earrings I received! The giraffe earrings were a gift from my sister-in-law and  they are made of wood (how cool right?). The purple pair were handmade by my Nan...She is becoming quite the crafty lady lately. She's such a sassy lady and I know having handmade earrings from her for the rest of my life is going to be so special to me.

I REALLY wanted statement pieces for Christmas. Ask and you shall receive. The monogram necklaces are from my mom and Josh's mom off of Etsy...and both of them had some issues with Etsy ordering this Holiday so I should be lucky I even got them at all (and by problems I mean they had to go crazy b!tch on these people). The two larger pieces are from Maurices

Did anyone else get some great pieces for their collection?


  1. You got beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry love rhe necklaces.

  2. Your Nan is talented those earrings are gorgeous! I love the Monogram necklace too. Stinks you had to argue with them to get it, but glad you did!

  3. this is what i do: every time i go to the mall and pass by F21, i will go in there and look at their collection. their stuff is priced so low and it's fun, flirty things so i will buy one item. so over time, i've added to my collection :)

    Vodka and Soda

  4. so cute!! i love those necklaces

  5. Wow! The earrings and necklaces are so pretty.
    I love all of the earrings, too!

  6. Dang girl, you made out like a damn BANDIT in the jewelry department! I love monograms!

  7. This was a huge jewelry holiday for me, too. I blame blog land for teaching me about Kendra Scott and Alex and Ani! We don't have many Maurice's here but I wish we did because I like that store...


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