Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Birchbox Review

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Most of you know that last week sucked some serious butt for me. One thing that did make me happy however was my Bitchbox Birchbox! I have a very serious shopping problem and I swear it helps with on wanting to buy things all the time. Any way here we go...

The boxes from what I gather so far are themed each month. This month was all about Resolutions and the New Year.

This month's card talked about not giving things up in the New Year, but trying new things instead. It also talked about their new Sundays and Play you can do to win prizes. I will talk about that more later on!

The back of that card has details about the products inside so I always save that to very last when tearing through my Birchbox like a mad women. This sticker was on the pink tissue paper this month once again promoting their new Sundays and Play game!

Then BAM ladies and gents we are in! 
This is just an overview of the exciting things I saw at first. 

I have no clue why these little boxes catch my eye first every single time, but they do and I always start here (listen to me acting like a pro and this is only my second Birchbox!)

My first item out of my mint green pouch thingy?
Is this Juicy Couture fragrance. 
If you read my first Birchbox review you know I love fragrance samples. I use them for everything. This one was a bit strong for my taste, but I'm not complaining.
Full Size bottle- $90.
I did wan't to point out that the back of that card gives price points for full size items of your samples and when I checked on the Birchbox website those prices did not match, so I'm using the prices on the website!

The second thing out of the mint pocket? I'm going to figure out what to call that thing at some point. 
Were these three types of tea by Ahmad Tea (London...fancy!). I'm going to be super honest with you guys and admit I haven't tried them. I would have to use my Keurig to make them and that just sounds like to much work. 
If I get around to trying this out I will let you know.
Full Size box- $7

I am actually super excited about this next item. I have heard a LOT of bloggers complaining about getting a mascara every month as well. Although you can only use one at a time so I see why they might be upset I was not upset about getting this one.
It's called Fruit Pigmented Mascara and smells AMAZING!!! It lasts all day, goes on smooth as opposed to clumping like other annoying mascaras that I won't name (you know who you are!)
Full Size- $18. I would consider buying this for sure!
I assume that the sample is the full sized bottle...I could be wrong though!

Womp.Womp.Womp is all I have to say here.
I won't even spend much time on this one. 
It's called Klorane smells like butt (supposed to smell like dates) and made my hair frizzy.
Full Size- $15. 
Don't buy this!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. 
Heaven on your face.
I mean that! It literally made me feel so refreshed and clean. I used it at night and in the morning so far (because I wasn't sure when you were supposed to do it!) Honestly it was amazing both times.
Full Size-$24.50! I think this is the best deal ever. I thought it would be expensive for how amazing it was!

That is it for products, but this Birchbox was packed with so many other things. 
At the bottom of the box was this foldout information packet!

The first side just had inspirational sayings like Happy Happy Happy (I guess you could call that inspirational?) and Go Get 'Em Tigress!
The back side (ha, ha, back side!) Had a few different resolution based ideas.
1. Confidence is as confidence does 
2. 5 Ways to get happier
3. New Things are good things
4. The Agreement Rule
All of which were pretty awesome and much appreciated!

The very last thing in my box was a little square that explained how to receive points. I might in the future share a little bit more about the awesome points system they have in place, but today I'm exhausted from all of this blabbing!

I promised I would explain the Sundays and Play later in the post...so basically every Sunday I receive and email that links me to this virtual scratch off when I have a chance to win some fun prizes. Each week I participate I am also entered to win a larger prize. So far I haven't won a single thing on Sundays (go figure!)

Rating Scale:
* = It blew
**= It wasn't the worst thing I've ever experienced
***= I liked it more than I hated it
****=It was pretty close to being the bomb dot com
*****= It was like heaven in a box

January Birchbox= ****! Pretty close to being the bomb dot com

Interested in your own Birchbox? Email me with any questions and I will set you up!



  1. I finally got my invite to join a couple days ago, but I let it lapse because I've heard some bad reviews of Birchbox. I'm sorely tempted to give it a go though!

  2. I think the people who complain about mascara samples are ones who are already dedicated to a brand. I have short, thin, light eyelashes and have yet to find anything I love so I wouldn't mind a new one each month!

  3. I think I'm going to try Ipsy! I've never done a subscription before so I'm intrigued. I personally would love to get a mascara every month!

  4. Liz Earle!! Wow!!

  5. That face polish sounds amazing! I wouldn't mind a mascara every month since you are only supposed to use them for 3-4 months before replacing.

  6. You got some awesome things! Mmm, tea. Good stuff.

  7. oooh looks like a pretty awesome box! that cleanser sounds really amazing!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  8. I feel the same way about the tea I got. I don't want food samples!!


  9. These sound so fun!! I keep debating on if i should buy one or not! Glad you got some stuff you love!

  10. That cleanser sounds amazing! The perfume is so dinky though. I've thought that about a lot of the perfume samples I've seen from them. I could get that for free at the fragrance counter, ya turds! I guess the other high scale stuff makes up for it though, right?

  11. Fruit pigmented mascara that smells good?! Amazing!! I am such a mascara addict, I love it so much. It's totally the one makeup item I would take with me on a desert island. I can't believe anyone would ever complain about too much mascara!

  12. awesome box this month!!! as for the tea and your keurig, you can sit the bag in the filter cup and brew it that way - it works, I have done that! :) and take the cleanser to THON weekend, I am curious as to how that feels, LOL

  13. i got that hot cloth thing from them like 2 years ago! i say that because i didn't have a good experience at all with BB. everyone else got good stuff and i got hand lotions. blah.

  14. Great review! have you ever tried Ipsy? I've heard that's better than Birchbox, but IDK.


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