Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December Birchbox Review

I'm sure MANY of you received a Birchbox subscription for Christmas or already have them since they seem so popular in the blogging world. I had honestly never heard of Birchbox until this summer when I started to notice some of my favorite blogs sharing what they received. I know you're thinking it is January and I'm about to get my January Birchbox (catch up!). Since it was a gift I got it a little late AND I wanted to actually be able to try the samples before I gave you a review. 

I was gifted a year subscription from my wonderful Mother. I was so pumped Christmas morning when I received the email telling me about the gift. I filled out that personal survey as quick as possible and until last week have been patiently awaiting the arrival of my first box. I wanted to take the weekend to try out the different products so I could give you guys a little bit of a review. 

So many of my favorite bloggers "Vlog" themselves opening the box, but I know that would have just been a hot mess that I ended up not posting anyway...so you'll have to settle for some pictures. 

{all photos are personal}

If you aren't familiar with Birchbox (check out their site here)! It comes in an exciting little box that looks like this. From what I understand normally it comes in a pink box, but December is more decorated!

You open it to a box like this...

Then a sweet little note from Birchbox...

This is where the fun begins. Each month you receive 4 to 5 sample products. 
The boxes are $10 a month and well worth the money.


The first two products came in this little box...

I pulled out a nail polish...

I instantly put it on and paired it with a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish (color: flirt!)
The Birchbox nail polish is called Ride 'Em Cowgirl' by Ruby Wing.
I am OBSESSED with it so far. 
The full size bottle is $10 and I'm pretty sure that I received the full size bottle. I could be wrong though.
Making my box already worth this months money.


The second thing out of that cute little package was this Lip Gloss by Benefit.
I have never been a lip gloss person so at first I thought I wouldn't use it often, but THEN I put that puppy on my lips and changed my mind.

It is a creamy brown with a gold shimmer to it.

This picture does it no justice. It looks so natural and pretty. The best part of this gloss is the fact that it isn't sticky. I have never had a gloss that my hair didn't get stuck in until now. 

I'm normally like help me...

The sample was a good size, but the full size is $16. Although that is pricey in my opinion for a gloss, I think it just might be worth it!
It's called Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss by Benefit Cosmetics.  
(Selfie! You're welcome!)


I have heard MANY people complain about receiving a fragrance sample each month, but I love these things and will never complain about receiving one. 
This is a sample from Harvey Prince called Hello.
A full size bottle would cost me $55 so I will use this sample sparingly.
It smells amazing (Kind of fruity, but not very strong, and clean)! 
I plan to throw them in my purse for when I'm out and feeling the stink coming on.


Birchbox will hopefully stop sending me sweets after the first box since I'm trying this whole healthy living thing and you can't just throw perfectly good candy away. 
They didn't actually count this as an item, but as an extra instead. The little Birchbox label around the outside states that they will never replace one of your 4-5 items with something like this, but rather be in addition to. 
And that addition was delicious!


I am going to be really honest with you guys right now... I haven't tried this detangler (gasp!) I don't really have knotty hair and I use conditioner on my hair every day so knots don't stand a chance anyway. It also says it protects your hair so I might still give it a whirl some day soon. I will keep you guys posted when I do!
The full size bottle is $21.95 and it's called Protect & Detangle by Beauty Protector. 

I figured I would rate them each month too.
* = It blew
**= It wasn't the worst thing I've ever experienced
***= I liked it more than I hated it
****=It was pretty close to being the bomb dot com
*****= It was like heaven in a box

My first Birchbox received an ****!

And that's all folks! 
I'm not sure how I'm going to do these Birchboxes every month so if you have any suggestions let me know! If you REALLY want to see me embarrass myself and VLOG them just let me know!



  1. i love sparkly polish! i got a deborah lippman one and i LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  2. Great product like the gloss. Worth looking into.

  3. wow I've just watched a 'Vlog' of December's Birchbox and this is definitely the better out the two! Loved this post, please do them monthly:-) x

  4. That is an AMAZING gift idea!! I am going to keep it in mind next year for a gift to give someone! I just love that idea!

  5. i LOVE THAT SCENT!! i got it in my birch box a while ago!

  6. I love the color of that gloss. I am a lip gloss junkie though. That is an awesome gift from your Mom.

  7. I would love to get a box subscription like this... maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday! I love that gloss on you! I'm a gloss lovin' FOOL! Lip products are my weakness... they take up a whole drawer. Yikes!

  8. Love love loveeee that lipgloss but I always get my hair stuck in it too HAH! That nail polish is also veryy pretty!

With A City Dream

  9. You got way better stuff than I did! I was so disappointed with my December box!



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