Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday: What I've Been Up To

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So go ahead and check these lovely ladies up and browse around to meet some new bloggy friends! This week I thought I would share 5 things I've been up to these days. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1
I just bought myself this bad boy with some gift cards and Christmas money, because it was $52 and I'm not cool with that. 
I am pretty much obsessed with it so far. 
BUT I need MAJOR help. Guys I suck at makeup (like a clown look alike). 

Chain Letter
Not in the sending spam to my email/phone way, but the new book way.
I am a HUGE reader. Lately I haven't had time to read, but my mom got me a new book for Christmas and I can't put it down. 
{Interested in it? Check out click HERE}

Lately I've been all like...
I've not only been into my blog, but I have really loved finding new blogs.
If you look on the left hand side of my blog, you'll see I've added some new fav bloggers.
Check them all out they are each amazing! 
I also made a list the size of my house of blogs I've come across in the last two weeks that I LOVE and want to follow more closely!

Shooting Range 
Guys watch out I have become a total badass in the past two weeks.
Josh got a new handgun for Christmas and I've been going to the range with him to shoot it.
This awkward, clumsy, crazy girl knows how to shoot a gun (the world will never be the same again.)
In all seriousness though I thought it was a good skill to know.

Finding a Big Girl Job
Since I graduated I've been doing a little bit of this...
And then a little bit of crying! 
BUT this week I had a break through. 
I'm superstitious and don't want to talk about it to much, but I may have gotten a call about an interview. 

What is new in the lives of my favorite people?


  1. Omg you are not to be mess with gun I use to be against it but now to much danger people need to protect themselves. Love naked palette. Have a great weekend.

  2. First of all, congrats on graduating!! And second, I am so jealous of your Naked palette! I actually went to buy the original one today with Christmas money and they were sold out at Sephora and Macy's! What the heck?! I've found lots of looks using it on Pinterest so check there! Have a great weekend!

  3. I am with you I don't like to spend a lot of makeup. Look up Coastal Scents for palettes. They are much cheaper and last a long time. I have like 8-12 different palettes from them. Also Makeup Geek on youtube has a ton of how to makeup videos. I am a huge reader too so I will check out that book. So glad to be on your sidebar. :) Hope the job front works out!

  4. Ahhh! Love urban decay!

  5. I'm not a makeup person but I second youtube for recs on everything. I hear those are worth the money but I don't think I could justify it because I never take the time to learn things like that correctly! Good luck on the job front!

  6. Girlfriend! Rock on with the shooting range... I have never been, and imagine I would be terrible... But I still think it would be fun!!

    Happy weekending :)


  7. I totally suck at makeup as well. I've been really trying to step up my game lately Check out Jaclyn Hill on youtube she has helped me so so so much. I can't even explain how much!

  8. hey! i'm on your side bar! thanks lady :)

    go to youtube and watch their tutorials! that's what i do. and i suck at makeup too.

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Youtube has a ton of video tutorials for the Naked palettes... start there, the possibilities are endless! And thank you for putting me on your sidebar, so sweet :)

  10. That palette looks awesome... I'm the same way with makeup... I need classes in that stuff haha. I've been finding so many fun blogs recently too (definitely enjoying that even more than posting lately!)

  11. I told Pete I wanted Naked 2 a while back but that it was $50. He said "What IS it?! A TATTOO?!" haaha

  12. The naked palettes look gorgeous! Try using it more subtly or using some shades as liner x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  13. I really have to buy myself a Naked palette! It looks so good! When it comes to doing make up I think you just need to practice - after few bad looks you'll get along with make up ;)

  14. good luck on the job search! I know it can be stressful, so hopefully it works out for you soon.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  15. I want a Naked Palette so badly!! i can't decide which one I think is the best for me... I change my mind constantly. Right now if I were willing to drop the money I'd get the 2. As for makeup help, do you watch youtube beauty gurus? They are amazingly helpful!!

  16. I've always wanted the Naked Palette but your right, $50 is a bit steep.. lol but I heard its worth it :)
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  


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