Monday, January 27, 2014

Pick a Project #3 & #4

I'm Baaaaack! Well hello ladies! I feel so beyond refreshed and motivated! Bubble baths are the key to EVERYTHING! I even got Josh to take one.

Since I missed sharing my Pick a Project last week I'm going to share last weeks first than this weeks. Even though I was pretty much a lump all of last week I did manage to get this done. If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, catch up here.

Pick a Project #3:

If you remember wayyy back (2 Mondays ago) I said I was making a care package. 

It included 
-A barbie for my Niece
-A Hot Wheels Car Design Kit for my cool Nephew 
-An adorable cat that rolls around for my newest little munchkin 
-And a Birthday Card for my brother. His birthday is today!

Pick a Project #4:

Last week I made it a goal of mine to spice up my house a little. If you remember I went all out for Christmas and since I took the decorations down I have been suffering from postpartum disorder of my decorations. I didn't want to spend much money on making my house look a little more decorated.

 I threw this centerpiece together for $5!

I pick up this kitchen rug for Tuesday Morning for only $10!

My Pick a Project I am working on this week and will be sharing next Monday is some dancer mail for a friend that I have dancing in a 46 hour no sitting no sleeping dance marathon. I participated 3 years ago and know how much the mail means! 

Have you done any projects lately?



  1. I love sending my niece care packages!! it makes them so happy!

  2. Oooh, I like that rug! I like Tuesday Morning but I never remember to go there when I actually have time to look at everything.

  3. The care package is so sweet and I love the rug! That's great that you are doing regular projects, what better way to know you are accomplishing your goals? Keep it up!

    My most recent 'project' was creating a calendar of what types of posts I'm doing for each day of my blog. That way I have an exact idea of what I will be doing each day of the week and can stay motivated. I'm posting about it tomorrow!

  4. I am sure the kids loved that care package!

  5. That kitchen rug is so cute! Love it! What a great package for your nieces and nephews.

  6. I love that you sent the littles a care package!!!!! :D Such a good aunt! :)

  7. Cool kitchen rug. New post up.

  8. Oh, I love that centerpiece! I think they're so simple and sweet...perfect for any home!


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