Monday, January 13, 2014

Pick a Project #2

If you missed last Monday I decided to pick a project every Monday that I would finish throughout the week and share how it went the next Monday. Catch up HERE!

Last week I told you my plan to finish the "Open When..." Letters to one of my closest friends from college (Morgan) I also like to call her Dog (Which I will get to later on). Morgan doesn't read my blog so I'm good to share all the details before she receives them! 

{all pictures via personal photos}
Step 1:
I went to good old Michaels to grab the supplies.
~Cute Pens

Step 2:
 I took an envelop and cut it apart. After getting the envelops home I realized how plan they were so I wanted to do a liner with the paper I bought.

Step 3:
I took my stencil from the above picture and traced it on to each of the pieces of paper, took my glue and glued them inside the envelops. I think they turned out pretty good.

Step 4:
This the brand I normally grab for any type of thank you card or just little notes. They are super cute and affordable. 

Step 5:
I also picked up some tags by the same company as my cards. These I just glued in different positions on the front of each envelop. I took a black pen (I'm sure blue would also work!) and made dashed lines... (If you can't tell I'm the worst at explaining things) Thank god for pictures right!

 Step 6:
I wrote "OPEN NOW" on the first one I wanted her to open. This card basically explained what a great friend I thought she is, how I miss her, and what to do with the rest of the letters. 

Step 6:
On the following 9 cards I wrote...
~ You're about to see me
~You can't sleep
~You're with Jen
~You're going on a hot date
~You need a drink (in a good or bad way
~It's your Birthday
~You had a bad day at work
~You're feeling insecure
~It's Fall and Penn State students are going back to school 

Step 6:
Then I just basically started writing on the cards and filling them with sweet stuff. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this for 2 reasons...1. The supplies alone were expensive and 2. I thought it would mean more if I didn't just fill it with things I bought.

~ You're about to see me: I pretty much wrote 1000 AHHHH's and made a pretty detailed list of all of the things we are going to do when we see each other. (including hugging for 10 minutes, drinking A LOT, and going shopping)

~You can't sleep: I attempted to draw 5 sheep to count. They are pretty comical though. I also wrote her a little story about a night we spent after drinking when we couldn't sleep.

~You're with Jen: Jen is Morgan's best friend, that I got close to also. I wrote 5 reasons that they are amazing friends. I meant every single one of them too.

~You're going on a hot date: I added a sample fragrance for her to wear and I pretty much gave her a pep talk on how awesome she is!

~You need a drink (in a good or bad way): I added $4 and told her to go drink her day away, first round on me. 

~It's your Birthday: I can't remember what all this one said anymore and I sealed them. Bad blogger alert. I do remember adding a web address to a youtube clip of the minions singing her happy birthday.

~You had a bad day at work: I looked up the unemployment rate (which is 6.7%) and told her to be lucky she had a job. Tough love. I also told her to look up our favorite website ( It is so funny and is sure to make anyone laugh.

~You're feeling insecure: I added 2 pennies and told her I don't care what she thinks that I'm giving her my two cents and told her how amazing she is. In better detail, but I'm sure you don't want to hear how great a person you don't know is. 

~It's Fall and Penn State students are going back to school: This was my favorite! It is the most depressing thing watching everyone go back to school and you aren't. I wrote 10 reasons why we shouldn't be jealous of them ranging from They have homework and we get to work from home sometimes, they have to skip going out to study, they have grades and we get promotions, and they pay to be their and we get paid to be somewhere. 

Step 7:
I tied them all together with some ribbon! I haven't decided if I'm going to add anything to the box I mail them out in. I guess we shall see how motivated I am that day!
SIGH. That was way more work then it looks.

Ready for my Pick a Project for this week? I'm making a care package for my 2 Nieces and Nephew. I literally have NO clue what is going in this bad boy as of now, but I guess you will have to stop by next Monday to see what I decided on!

Like my little Pick a Project icon?
Guys I get excited about the littlest things!



  1. This its so sweet and a great idea.

  2. reflections cards are the best! i always grab a box when the store is having a 50% off sale

  3. This is an amazing idea!! They look very cute too, love it:)

  4. That is such a sweet idea! Great job!

  5. I know she is going to love it! Such great ways to show her you care!

  6. Such a sweet idea!! And I love those envelope liners.... they look awesome!

  7. Such a great idea - love how you did the outside of the envelopes!

  8. I need to do this for my little sister! We're 18 years apart. And she's now 18. Eek! She's still "little" to me!

  9. I just love this! I have seen this on Pinterest before but was never really sure how to do it! Great idea. She's going to love it!

  10. Wow, that is SUCH a sweet gift! I need a good BFF so I can make one!


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