Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Professional Car Singer

If you can't tell I'm a HUGE fan of linkups. I love meeting new people, I love spreading the blogging love, and ESPECIALLY love the little buttons (I don't know why, I just do!) So I'm linking up twice today...

First linking up with Dateless in Dallas and Vodka and Soda
These ladies are awesome!!! Please check them out!

The Hump Day Blog Hop
Check these ladies out. Liz is amazing and pretty much is one of the most motivating people I follow! I feel like I'm procrastinating telling my embarrassing story, but here we go...

If you no me IRL you no I'm not a professional singer, but that doesn't stop me from rocking out in the shower, through a store, at work, and ESPECIALLY in the car. 

Cut to the end of last week...I have no shame about rocking out in the car (and by rocking out I mean I play the air drums, guitar, and sing as loud as I can), but that is when the car is in motion and I'm passing quick enough that someone gets one good laugh and probably tells a friend later about this crazy car lady they saw (not enough shame to make me stop).

My professional car singing career might have to take a "backseat" for a little though, because at the end of last week I hoped in my car and this song was already blast...

{Don't act like this isn't one of your guilty pleasures}

Before I even put my car into drive my performance had already started and I was rocking out. THEN I see my neighbor laughing and waving. Guys this is the first time in my entire life that I was ashamed of my car concert. I drove in silence the rest of the way to work with my head hanging!

Who is a car jammer? Who has been caught by a neighbor?



  1. yep, all the time. i crank it up and sing like i'm mariah carey. don't care who hears me either!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. YES! Totally a car jammer. WAHOO!!!! :) xx

  3. I totally jam out every time I'm driving!

  4. I will totally jam out if the car is in motion and there isn't anyone directly next to me but if we're at a stop light, NOPE. I calmly sit there until we're in motion again.

  5. I don't have a radio in my car but right now I'm borrowing somebody else's car. And I jam out. I don't even care right now. lol.

  6. I like singing out loud in my car and stranger look at me like what girl do you think you could sing. Lol to this post.

  7. My husband and I caught a guy jamming in his car the other day and he was so embarrassed but we thought it was so funny!

  8. Hahha definitely do the same thing... I don't think I've ever been caught but I'm sure people have seen!

  9. I am totally a car jammer, but I don't think I've been caught by anyone I know... yet!

  10. Haha that's awesome! I also sing when I think no one is watching. :p

  11. I sing in my car EVERY.DAMN.DAY!!!!!! We would be an awesome act together. :)

  12. Hahaha! Oh yeah I have no shame rockin and dancing in the car. Pretty sure a truck driver caught me droppin it like its hot during rush hour. I just nodded at him like- yep. That just happened.


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