Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Wannabe

You have officially listened to me complain (A LOT), share what this old home looked like before, and now you've seen what I did to the place so far. What's next you ask? What I have planned for the future!

{All photos are personal unless otherwise noted}

First off I hate a plan refrigerator!
If you have time to waste go to PInterest and search refrigerator decorations. You will be there for days laughing at some of the crazy refrigerators. 
But one caught my eye-that will take this...

To this...
{picture via A Diamond in the Stuff}

Next up is that bathroom. I have been debating what to do with this wall...

And I was being my indecisive self for the last couple weeks. 
I debated between the following.
{picture via Amazon}
This is only $15.99 on Amazon (not counting the towels.)

I liked this, but thought it would be more difficult to recreate.
{picture via Home Decor Photos}

This was my final idea, but I still haven't settled on any of them just yet. So that bathroom wall will stay bare for now.

This is our guest bedroom. 
Yes, you heard that correctly! Since the movers broke so many of our things they have to come out and look at everything. Meaning we aren't allowed to throw these boxes away just yet. I have Pinterest dreams of how this room will one day look, but guys furniture and redecorating and entire room is expensive (so this will have to wait!) 

The great mantle debate of 2013 ha! Josh won by getting his Flat Screen TV up their, but I will still get to decorate it. We need to work out the extension cord issue first. 

Then maybe something along these lines for the Holidays!
{picture via Pinterest}

Our last big project will be the office!
I think I have convinced Josh to make it an office/craft room!

I know it won't look anything like this...
{picture via Pinterest}
But a girl can dream!

What are your current home DIY projects? Do you have any suggestions for me?


  1. Wait wait wait just a minute... fridge decorations?! Why am I just not realizing this is an option?!?! I LOVE the look you're going for and you better believe I'll be checking out Pinterest! I need ideas for my fridge as it's a side by side, instead of one like you have.

    1. There are so many options on Pinterest! I had a tough time deciding which I wanted to go with. I honestly wish I was able to paint my fridge I would totally do a chalkboard fridge!

  2. Tyler and I just moved and I am stalking the decor section on pinterest for fun ideas! I have so many ideas and not enough time, money, or places to use them! haha

    1. I couldn't agree more about the money! The little projects we did do cost way more then we expected so other projects never happened.

  3. I love love love all of your inspiration pictures! Your apartment will look beautiful!

  4. It takes a long time to turn a house into a home, but you look like you have some great inspiration! :)

  5. I love what you've done with the guest bedroom! Very chic! ;P

    1. I was going for the more modern look! Thanks for noticing.

  6. Hello, Angi! Thanks for reading my blog post. :)

    For the bathroom, I think the best choice would be the second option because you can store a lot of stuff, not just towels. Plus, it will last longer than the other two.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I love seeing what other people think since I can never make up my mind ha!

  7. Lovely ideas ! Good luck :)


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