Monday, November 4, 2013

Woes of a Rental Home

Two weeks has passed since we moved into our new home and I am FINALLY ready to share what we have done so far! I wanted to start off our renting journey with a little complaining...

Those who have rented before will know exactly where I am coming from. For those of you who don't consider yourself a lucky person. Josh and I decided that renting was the best route to go since we never know when we are going to move (makes sense right?). Weeks leading up to our move I jumped on Pinterest (of course) and searched how to make a rental home feel like home. Their were endless sources to making a rental home feel more homey without remodeling.

Go ahead explore- click the pictures.

But it NEVER dawned on me that not every landlord allows you to paint or do those little touches that allow you to make this rental home your home. I bet you guessed it by now that our landlord is one of those landlords. He "apparently," just remodeled and painted. Well I am not fond of his taste in electric blue offices with a flower boarder! The first day I visited our new home was a nightmare, guys I almost cried. I know that sounds stupid and like I was overreacting, but it is what it is. 

I spent the first day "bossing" our movers around  politely telling our movers where to sit things. And cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Old houses get dirty easily! Before I start showing you what I had to work with I want to give some moving/renting pointers...

1. When your movers bring your items in document each and every dent, ding, rub, messing, and broken pieces. We had PLENTY! We are actually still waiting on this all to be taken care of

2. Clean before the movers bring your furniture in. It was so hard to clean around everything once it was in the house and boxes were everywhere

3. Don't freak out about what the home looks like before your stuff is in place. It always looks better once you put your furniture in it. I can seriously vouch for this.

4. If you can't paint or do anything extensive to your house it isn't the end of the world, work with what you have.

5. DIY! I have been so busy that my DIY projects have fallen behind, but I still can't wait to share them with you.

So I will stop talking your ear off now and pick up here tomorrow. I am ready to show you this very dated, but very charming first home for Joshua and I! And I know most of this post was kind of negative, but I couldn't be more excited to live in Louisville and be moved in completely with Josh! Sneak preview I learn to love this home!

Have you ever rented a house? What was your experience like? Any tips I didn't mention?



  1. Oh no! That stinks! I'm glad it sounds like you've found ways to work around it! I'm looking forward to pictures!

  2. We live in an apartment. You can decorate how you like but you have to be able to have the apt back in its pre-decorated state when you leave. I've done my own touches but our walls are stark white and I hate it. But I also hate painting so it's a draw. haha

  3. We know this feeling! Great post and ideas!

  4. great tips! i lived in a rented house at the moment and we're not allowed to do anything decoration wise - not even posters on the walls, haha. can't wait til i can get my own place & finally start decorating how i want ;)
    the hobbit kitchen x

    1. I couldn't agree more! The day I get to paint will be amazing!

  5. Great tips! I hope things start to settle down for y'all!

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  6. We have always lived in an apartment. This year, I was determined to live in a house. But we don't believe in buying, only renting. We found a nice house to rent. And yes, there can be a lot of rules, I have noticed that we get a lot of freedom of what we are allowed to do with the place then a lot of my friends who own their own house can do. I hear all the time from them how lucky we are because their HOA doesn't allow this or that. And the best part of renting, if you don't like it for some reason [the area, the house, the landord, the neighbors, etc} you can move when your lease is up and not be bothered to be stuck there.
    We have moved every year. I like change. I don't think we will ever buy a home. I can't stay in one place for that long to make that kind of commitment.

    1. I guess renting works for you then! I know the minute I am settled down I will be buying a home. The only real reason for me is the price of renting verses a mortgage payment. My landlord only pays a $600 payment each month and he is working towards owning our home. We pay $1300 and are working towards nothing. I love change too though and I love to move so I understand where you are coming from there!


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