Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday To A Very Special Person

I have mentioned my best friend in many, many, many posts, but I thought one more couldn't hurt. 
{all personal photos}

I was blessed to meet one of the most influential people in my life at the young age of 12. We were in the 7th grade, lockers next to each other, and shared a best friend. I will totally admit I had a burn book about her that year (girls can be so mean!) By 8th grade though we started doing absolutely EVERYTHING together, go figure right? That is was middle school. 

She has became so much more than a friend since that year, Jess is like family to me. And I know that's super cliche, but my dad often tries to set her on fire (which is his way of showing his love), my mom and her have a relationship that I am so grateful for, my brother would defend her at the drop of a hate, and I know that when I call her at 3 AM she would answer. 

Why am I writing this post? Because today Jess turns 23 and I know it is hard for her to understand how I could move 9+ hours away from her and my family. We talk almost every day, but she is quick to ask me to come home (and it kills me every time she mentions it). 

I know our friendship could last through distance, fights, and anything else that would come in our way, because we are family. 

The pictures you are about to see are some embarrassing walk down memory lane types, you've been warned, please continue!

We are guilty of taking countless tongue out/duck lips pictures in the last 10 years. 

We seen 2 graduations together. Even though we went to separate colleges. 

She has been the ying to my yang or yang to my ying (which ever means she's always so tan and I'm always so white) for our entire friendship.

We have accidentally and purposely matched our outfits countless times.

More times than not one of us is making a silly face and one of us is smiling so we can never have nice pictures, but honestly just be happy her eyes are open. 

We have laughed approximately 95% of the time we have spent together. This is a realistic number, because if I haven't mentioned it yet I have the funniest best friend on Earth.
And we have done more crazy, stupid, wonderful, and laugh worthy things that you will never understand. 

Happy Birthday Jess! 


  1. Aww... this was so sweet!!!! :D Happy birthday to Jess! She's lucky to have ya. :)


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