Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rental Home Part 2: Before the Renovations

If you remember from Monday I spent an entire post complaining about renting. It all turns around starting now.

Our furniture arrived Monday and after getting over the shock of how much got messed up in the move, I started setting up our bedroom. I started to breath-this was going to be okay!

I would like to pre-warn you that we aren't done. No house is ever done. My parents have lived in their home for 15 years and just remodeled their entire first floor. I wanted to take a day and show you every inch of our house before we touched it. These are all photos Josh sent me while I was in Michigan and he was down here looking. Without anymore  babbling here is our house before a women's touch. 

 {All photos are personal}
This is our adorable home from the outside!

I honestly wish I had more before photos of our living room, but this is it! I love that we have not one, but 2 fireplaces in this house.

The kitchen is the number one problem I have with this house. Please take a look at that pegboard by the stove.

This is our dark dark dark basement. When you come down the stairs this is to your right and to your left is the room below.

I still don't know how I feel about all the shelving and storage units down there.

Not sure if this is inappropriate, but this is our bathroom. This was my number 2 biggest issue!

There is a closet in each of the rooms and every single one of them is occupied.

I'm so bummed Josh didn't get the flower boarder in this picture, but it will definitely make an appearance in my post renovation recap.

Josh's favorite part of our house. His two car garage!

Is it sad that I can't tell what room this is? We have a guest room and a master. The master has a half bathroom attached, but the windows were awkward so we decided to make that the guest bedroom and we are using the "guest" bedroom as our master. They are the same size so we aren't really worried about not having an attached bathroom. 

Tomorrow  one day this week I will start to share some of the changes we did to our home! Josh and I noticed that we have a certain sense of style and we call it modern 50s-60s! So stick around to see what this dated home looks like now.

Has anyone had the challenge of making a dated home look modern?



  1. Haha... bathroom... "number 2 problem." ;) I'm 12. :) The place looks cute!!!!! You will make it a home! :)

    1. My boyfriend said the EXACT same thing and I giggled like a little kid. I'm glad you liked it!

  2. I really can't wait to see the changes! Keep us posted!

  3. The outside of your home is so cute!! I can't wait to see what changes you make!

    1. Thanks girl! It is exciting getting my first house!


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