Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday: Glasses

I have been to busy to even think this week, meaning my rental home posts will have to wait a few more days! Something exciting did happen this week though...remember those glasses I ordered (refresh yourself here) well they arrived this week! Woohoo! I really debated skipping my Five on Friday this week 1. Because I have been slacking all week and 2. Because I wanted to share my glasses, and there are 9 of them not 5. So I decided to share them all and pick my 5 favorites, sound like a plan? 

I need to confess something first, I hate selfies. You will never see just a picture of me unless Josh snapped it without me knowing. 

Even here you can see my extreme camera awkwardness. My arm looks 10 miles long.

I wanted so badly to share what all the frames looked like on my face so you could get the full effect (what I won't do for blogging) so don't mind my silly faces or wet hair from just showering. Don't judge me please :) 

{all personal photos}

I opened my first box of glasses from Warby Parker . It was in the cutest box that had little snaps on the sides. 

I was greeted with this little note that promised amazing glasses. The back has step by step instructions of when you send them back.

I couldn't wait to rip into these bags.

Get ready for those awkward photos I promised you!
I am not going to bore you with what I thought about each and every one of the five glasses I received from Warby Parker. I will share that they fit tightly on my head and I wasn't thrilled with any of them. Their glasses are all incredibly priced and they have an awesome collection, but I personally did not find any I fell in love with. 
See for yourself...


You can tell I really hate the next pair!


And these were the types of faces I was talking about ha!


Then I opened my glasses from! 
Both places offer free shipping both ways which was fantastic.

These 4 are all a little more expensive then what Warby Parker offers, but the fit on all of these glasses was so much nicer (personally)! I did not love each and every pair for me, but they all felt like they were quality. 

 I look bored here? My apologizes.

And I look scared here and a librarian. 

You may not agree, but I LOVE these!

These also.

Five on Friday:
I couldn't decide of a 5th. I honestly didn't love 5 of them and that's okay. Number 8 are probably my favorite and maybe Santa will bring them this year since they are of course the most expensive glasses at $170! They are ray bans and I think they fit my face best.

Has anyone else tried either of these companies? What is your opinion! (and I want honesty here people!)



  1. I haaaaaaate selfies. I have tried time ad time again and I look bizarre every time. I actually REALLY like #2. That's what my glasses look like. And I like #6 too... that's what I want my next pair to look like. I've never tried either of these companies but I'm in the market for something soon so maybe I'll give them a shot!

    1. Definitely do! These are all free try-ons (which I should have made a little more clear), but you really should do it! It was fun and I got to try all different kinds of glasses.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It is such a tough decision and I'm super indecisive on top if it all.


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