Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Updating Our Rental Home

So far I have complained about renting/movers and shared some before pictures of our new home. Now (what hopefully you all have been waiting for) I want to share what we have done to our lovely rental home! Josh and I have a very distinct style that is hard to explain. We call it Modern 50's and 60's. We love everything from that time period and wanted it incorporated in our house. We "think" we pulled it off. We also wanted a color theme to be reflected throughout the entire house. Without even trying originally we gravitated towards black, tan, and pops of red. 

{All photos are personal and taken with my iphone, sorry not sorry}

If you remember correctly I hated the kitchen more than anything else in this entire house. Trust me I wasn't being a brat. PLUS we couldn't paint it or update anything. I was stuck guys. So I worked with what I had. 

It looks about he same as before now it just has our stuff sitting on it. We decided to put splashes of red throughout the entire house. Our red appliances are displayed and we picked up a tan and red rug at target!

If you also remember from my previous post we had this hideous peg board that I had no clue what to do with. So like any other women I hit up Pinterest. 

My first idea was to do something along the lines of this...
I hated it. I got little baskets, put it up, and took it all down right away. 

Then I saw this...

And it worked perfect for our kitchen!
Our kitchen really reminds us of our grandparents houses (which I don't hate!)
What do you think?

Then we added touches of our love for Beer! And a random key ring we found at Target. I locked myself out of the house a week or so ago so this was necessary.

Living Room:
We loved our living room even before our stuff arrived. It has wood floors, a fireplace, and wood framing everything!

I have always dreamed of having a fireplace that was beautifully decorated. So when I saw our fireplace my mind started racing through all of those Pinterest fireplaces I had pinned to my Home Ideas board, but Josh had other ideas. 

Josh had always wanted his TV mounted above the fireplace. Relationships are about compromise guys, I had to give in. This is DEFINITELY a work in progress still. I will find a way to make it pretty and elegant still.  

We REALLY wanted the living room to reflect our modern 50's and 60's taste and I think we did a great job from the table lamps, couches, and decor.

This was Josh's main project. When you first walk into the house this is the wall you face so we knew we wanted it to be a statement piece. 

I wanted to originally liked (this vvv) idea. 

But Once we bought our record player we knew we wanted to do something with it in the living room. All of the Album on the wall our WoodStock performers. (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jefferson Airplanes)

We bought the table from Target (they made a fortune off of our move ha!). After it was built we didn't like the height of the table so we hit up Amazon for 8in legs that Josh added two days later. 

The final touch to our living room was a 50's or 60's era clock to tie everything together. We were so excited about the piece Josh had picked out so when the box arrived I tore it open to find this...

If you guessed correctly that was not what we had ordered. A quick exchange and a few days later we had the clock we loved...

We literally changed nothing about our dining room set up from our apartment. This beautiful centerpiece was added after we received it as a gift in the mail from Josh's parents. 

Main Bathroom:
If you remember this was my number 2 problem (And we all had a good 12 year old laugh at the bathroom funny of saying number 2 ha!) Since I once again couldn't paint I just wanted it to have lots and lots of rich colors. Josh had picked out great pieces from our apartment so we used those and called it a day. Well kind of...I plan to share all of the plans I still have to come later this week and this bathroom is the big debate (that will probably take up most of that post).

Go figure the one room that is Josh's still isn't even close to being done. He did shock me and buy a desk and chair which we just proceeded to sit all of our papers on. We keep saying this is getting done this weekend (and then life happens.)

Master Bedroom:
Since I already complained about the movers in and entire post I'm going to keep this short. They STILL haven't fixed a thing. Be prepared to see a very half finished bedroom, because of them. 

This is looking in from the door.

These drawers are still broken. All of Josh's stuff has to be sat on the floor-AND IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS. sigh. I can't wait for the moving company to get their act together.

But that doesn't keep me from having a nice bed. 
This is where the...sleeping happens. 

I almost didn't post this picture, because well honestly it's boring. 

As weird as this sounds we just haven't gotten around to hanging this clock in the 3 weeks we have been here. I guess we should make this a priority tonight.

Guest Bedroom: 
This will make an appearance later this week in the "What is to come" post I'm planning considering it still has the moving boxes in it. Josh and I decided since we won't have to many guests that I can have this closet all to myself (WOOHOO). 

Guest Bathroom:
Once again nothing to exciting has happened here. I added some hotel shampoos, conditioners  and moisturizers. Don't act like you don't steal them too!

Tomorrow will be my final post for now about our rental home! I can't wait to share what we have planned for the future! Lots more DIY projects! And maybe I will even share some of my holiday plans for the house (oooh ahhhh oooh ahhh)!

How was everyone else's house decorating experience? Did you have a theme throughout your house?


  1. Everything is looking good! You've got a lot done!!!!!!!!! That clock is sweet!

    1. Thanks! It feels like we are getting no where! I can't take credit for the clock either that was all Josh!

  2. your updates look great!! there's currently no theme to my house whatsoever lol i haven't had time to really do much after moving in so the only rooms that look decent are my bedroom and bathroom which are still in progress...I can't seem to make up my mind!


    1. And you don't have too! I think part of the reason we have a house theme is my extreme OCD and Josh just goes along with it! ha! Take your time enjoy updating your home! And Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love all of your pops of red!


    1. Thanks! It was all Josh's idea. He thought it needed something more!

  4. i love the changes you've made, it's really starting to come together! :)
    the hobbit kitchen x

    1. Thank you! It will always be a work in progress!


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