Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY: Bobby Pins

I have noticed myself wearing a ton of bobby pins lately (finally trying new hairstyles) so I searched for a way to sass them up a little. I found this picture on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. The hardest part was picking which colors I wanted my bobby pins to be. Bobby pins are incredibly cheap, in fact I grabbed an entire box from the dollar store. I slide the pins onto a sheet of paper and went to town painting them. I let them dry for hours just in case, because multiple needed lots of coats. I tried to pick the colors that were really bright and I knew didn't usually need lots of coats on my nails.  

{picture via Your Fairy Godmother

I'm sure you can buy colored bobby pins almost everywhere, but I had fun doing it and choosing my colors. 


Has anyone told you that you are AWESOME today? Well I just did. Thanks for the support, comments, and general amazingness. Keep being great!

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