Thursday, September 12, 2013

Packing Up Our Life

I started pinning all these fantastic sites with tips for packing up your home with our move to Kentucky approaching, but then I realized that Josh's work is paying for movers. I feel a little reluctant having other people move all of my belongings. The moving company is coming tomorrow to audit our apartment before we move. I thought I would share the sites I found anyway and maybe they will help someone else. 

{picture via Buzzfeed}
This website gives tutorials on how to fold your different types of clothing. This can be useful in a small apartment, but I was planning on packing everything up this way.

{picture via Buzzfeed}
This time Buzzfeed gives 33 moving tips, including packing an overnight bag, place cotton bags on top of all your makeup so it doesn't break, and placing plates vertically so they don't break. There are tons more tips so I recommend checking out the site. 

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