Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kid Fashion

I've been loving kids fashion lately, although I don't see kids in my future, I can't help but love these little dolls all dressed up! Something to discuss: I was listening to a local radio station this past week and they had a debate about little kids wearing heels and how it can mess up their bone growth. My 6 year old niece wears kiddy heels and I think they are adorable and she loves to feel all grown up in them...I never saw this as an issue. It isn't like they are wearing stilettos, but maybe this is why I shouldn't have kids one day. What are others thoughts of kids wearing heels? (aka kiddy heels) ANYWAYYY, I love these kiddos below all dressed up....

{picture via Batb Lifestyle}
Shout out to this blog, it is absolutely adorable! This mom has great taste and her daughter above reflects that! Look at her little peplum top, chunky necklace, and high bun! 

{picture via Pinterest}
rockin' the high socks and boots!

{picture via Pinterest}
and I can't even begin to explain my love for this little girls sassy style. I found the most adorable infinity scarves for little girls on Etsy (Bundle Up Baby) after seeing this to buy my niece!

{picture via Pinterest}
So stylish!

{picture via Fashion Kids}
I couldn't even rock leopard pants and she is just so freaking cute!

{picture via Mens Style}
I have a feeling I would have to dress my son this way when Joshua wasn't home. 


Has anyone told you that you are AWESOME today? Well I just did. Thanks for the support, comments, and general amazingness. Keep being great!

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