Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday: Monogram Addition

I am OBSESSED with monogram everything! I can picture having monogram themed parties for everything in my life. Monograms and Mimosas, Monograms and Margarita's, Monograms and Mint Juleps. Lots of fun party ideas! This weeks Five on Friday will focus on all things Monogramed. I have been wondering Etsy for months loving everything monogramed and have definitely picked my favorite sellers. 

1. Scarf
I have talked about my love for scarves, monograms, and lets put them all together!
{picture via Prettyloulou}

{picture via Prettyloulou}
Something about this one I love!

{picture via Prettyloulou}
So basically you pick your tread color...

{picture via Prettyloulou}
Then you pick your font

You give her the initials (i.e. aMs) and BAM you have a custom made scarf that only costs $23.95!

2. Bows
Prettyloulou also has the most amazing collection of hair bows. 

{picture via Prettyloulou}

{picture via Prettyloulou}
I love this nautical bow!

{picture via Prettyloulou}

{picture via Prettyloulou}
Just like the scarves, you pick your bow pattern, color tread, and give your initials. 

3.Shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts
I have never owned a single article of clothing that had my monogram on it, because I've always thought it was a little weird. Then I found some things I think are simple and don't scream this is my MONOGRAM!!!!
{picture via Creation For Eleanor}
I have seen a lot of people gift a monogram button up to their bridesmaids to wear while they get ready and I love that idea. This is $30 so I would want to look around and make sure that's the best deal on them!
{picture via Little Charm Designs}
I love this light jackets. I have also seen them with the monogram on the hood as well and I think it adds a lot to the jacket. These are $54 and come in all the colors below. 

{picture via Little Charm Designs}
I really like the coral with probably a teal thread. 

{picture via Elsbriarpatch}
I love these simple shirts with a chevron, monogram pocket square. These are $18, but I know I could make these myself minus the monogram.

4.Clutches and Bags
I have definitely talked about wanting a monogram clutch MANY times before...I am always loving all monogram bags!

{picture via Creation For Eleanor}
I can picture using this to go to the beach or light grocery shopping!

{picture via Little Charm Designs}
These are the clutches I can't stop looking at. They sell for $24 and I think thats a steal. 

{picture via Little Charm Designs}
Surprise the coral is my favorite!

{picture via Little Charm Designs}
These are the fonts.

{picture via Little Charm Designs}
These are the thread options.

5.Mimosa, Margarita, and Mint Julep 
I have NO idea why I think I need monogram glasses, but I DO! 

{picture via Monograms and Sew}
Chevron, monogram, and a wine glass...Mimosa time! $10

{picture via Monograms and Sew}
Mint Julep time! One for Josh and I! $8

I am currently on the hunt for a Margarita glass that can be monogramed. I might have to make those myself! 

Our guest arrived last night and today we are just taking the day to relax! I work tonight so the boys plan on going and having a good dinner at one of Josh's favorite places! Tomorrow starts all the fun!


  1. I love the monogram clutches, so cute and personal!

    xx Bo

  2. Exactly, now to just decide on a color! thanks for the comment!


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