Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday: Life Changes

Even though it's late it's still Friday! I'm starting to try new things as my last five on Friday talked about. As a 16 year old recently informed me she was in 6th grade when I graduated and it put it into perspective that I'm not always going to know what the latest fashions are and apparently teenagers are already starting to think I'm not cool! Oh no! So while I still can I'm going to try new things... Which leads me to my five on Friday this week....

1. Lipstick
As promised I will share my lipstick adventure. While Jess and I were out shopping I had mentioned that I wanted to try a hot pink lipstick and that's all it took, she drug me to the lipstick isle and before I knew it we both had lipsticks in our hands headed to the counter. Once we made it to the car we immediately put them on and had a good laugh. I felt silly at first, but as the day went on it really grew on me. I even got a few compliments after the shock of me with hot pink lips wore off. The color is part of Maybelline's vivid collection and is called Fuchsia Flash. I am debating buying the neon red from that line as well since this color lasts so long. 
{picture via Maybelline}

2. Jean Everything
I have also recently been on a jean kick, not just pants, but vests (as you saw my new vest from my shopping trip). I am also looking for a jean button up for fall. You can just do so much with a jean shirt!
{picture via Fashionfreax}

3. Headbands
As of now I only own 1 headband, but I swear every time I wear the thing I get at least one compliment. I looked for a picture to show, but no luck. I think because I am a recent gossip girl obsessive (this is my horrible weakness) I really got into liking headbands...Blair always rocks an adorable headband. 
{picture via Pinterest}

4. Letting Loose
It's not just trying new clothing/accessory styles I want to try some lifestyle changes too. Letting loose is something I have never been able to do, but Joshua is so good at doing. He is so laid back and stress free. I would love to be able to just not stress over every little thing in my life. 

5. Trying To Stay Positive 
I also want to try to stay positive. I find myself complaining or getting in a bad mood over little things and that's just not necessary. I've been doing well so far and I can already notice a change in how I'm feeling!
{picture via Pinterest}

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