Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday: Good Finds

This week I decided to share Five good finds. 

I have never been a girl to be obsessed with purses. I have always love Vera Bradley purses and have never spent much time or money worrying about name brand purses. And to be honest until this past Christmas when my boyfriend got me a coach wristlet (that is close to the wristlet I received) I never once owned an expensive brand purse. With the start of my new job I have been a frequent visitor of the coach outlet. Just the other day they had the crossbody bag that I have been eyeing for only $50. Although that is a steal for this $250 bag I had some willpower and passed on buying it. Now with deep regret I have been hunting down a discounted designer bag...and then I found this Michael Kors Discounted Bags
{Picture via Michael Kors}
{Picture via Michael Kors}
$65 I want this for fall BADLY

2. eBay Accessories
While blog browsing I stumbled upon Wink for Pink. She does the best makeup reviews each week, but she did do a post on eBay accessories. It is so true eBay is the best place to find good cheap accessories. I went on a hunt for really cute statement pieces to share and prove you can get a great deal. I literally types statement necklace into the search section...
{picture via eBay}
{picture via eBay}
all necklaces between $1.69-$7

3. Shoes
I have been on the hunt for comfy fall shoes that I can wear before I have to start wearing chunky boots again (which I do love, just not yet). Cue Cheap Toms! I found this site through Pinterest of course, my favorite place to find everything. This toms outlet sells these $70 shoes for around $20!!!!
{picture via Toms Outlet}

4. Scarves
I am a scarf fanatic! I think they make every single outfit look instantly cuter, case closed. Although I do buy most of my scarves at Aerie, Etsy is another great place to buy them! My favorite scarf vendors on Etsy include: Vintagedutchgirl; Prettyloulou; and Storiarts.
{picture via Vintagedutchgirl}

{picture via Prettyloulou}

{picture via Storiarts}

5. Tights
I know I already posted about tights on a Five on Friday two weeks ago, but I am still addicted! I found lots and lots and lots of cute tights at Forever 21! The best part is they are all only $7.80!

{all pictures via Forever21}

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! (I'm practicing my southern accent for my BIG move to Kentucky)

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